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Local it is how I try to buy here in Simi Valley. I know I do not always do the  local, organic, home grown stuff you hear in the news today BUT I do my very best to get the very best for ME , ME and ME. And what is good for Me is also good for YOU.

It is a great thing to support pour local business's. It helps keep our peep's in the money. Well do visit them if you need any of these services. Below these you will find out of town business that I love!

Ventura County Local Business Direct Websites if there is a * they have no website


* Back to Basic - Practical Horsemanship for Horse and rider
Lisa DeMattia Hehr - 805 558-6420 or email at
Valley Veterinarian Clinic - Dr. Novy


$5.00 Book Store 

Home and Garden 

 *Aladdin Glass
Aldik Home - Van Nuys 
Performance Garden's - 6001 Los Angeles Ave- Somis
Real Estate Professional Amy Gandel 
True Value Home Center 

Doctor's and What not 

Ascent Hearing Center
* Body X-Change the Gym
* Chan Acupuncture Clinic
Simi Dentist BEST - Dr. Joe Chang 805-526-3300
2045 Royal Ave, Suite #230 Simi Valley 

Food & Food Tools

* Cheese Slicer LLC
Pro-Sharp Sizzor and Knives
Novy Ranches- Grass Feed Beef
Chefs Toys * UPS Store run my the nicest lady in the World No website but the location is
1197 Los Angeles Ave Suite C, Corner of La and 1st Street 527-8325

Easy Eatery

Disgustingly Delicious  - Some of the best pastry and coffee in Ventura County
El Taco de Mexico 
Lazy Dog Cafe - Thousand Oaks 
Steak and Hoagie -  So delicious 

Car's, Clothing and more What not's  

* First Street Car Wash
Firestone Tire Complete Auto Care   Good Coffee and they are nice
KW Realty- Larry Willeford
Liberty Dry Cleaner
Public Surplus California 
* Top Nails 805-306-0193
* UPS Store run my the nicest lady in the World No website but the location is
1197 Los Angeles Ave Suite C, Corner of La and 1st Street 527-8325

Stories of our Visit

Aladdin Glass
Ascent Hearing Center
Body Exchange the Gym
Body Mechanix  Physical Therapy
Chan Acupuncture Clinic
Easy Street 
First Street Car Wash
$5.00 Book Store
First Street Car Wash
Pro-Sharp Sizzor and Knife

Out of our Area Business

North of Ventura County 

Ah Juice
Bacon & Brine
Burley Brothers
Spice Topia
* Bonnie Lu's - Ojai
 328 East Ojai Ave Ojai Ca - 805-646-0207

Creation Station - Fabric and Quilt Shop - Bulleton

Porto's Bakery & Cafe

Elmwood Cafe - BEST Coffee 


Arizmendi - Best Bakery in California
Cholita Linda - BEST Mexican Food
Curbside Creamery - Ice Cream at it's best
Homestead Apothecary - Great Tea
Oaktown Spice House 
Preserved - All things preserved and how to information
Calm a Salon
Native Palms Nutrition


Ace Hotel Portland
Animal Traffic
Bella Mi Soap Company 
Mother's Bistro & Bar 
Powell Book Store  
Trail Butter

Historic Anchor Inn
My Favorite Button
Sapphire Center 

Lodging and Tourist Attractions  

Ace Hotel Portland
Historic Anchor Inn
Multnomah Falls Lodge

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