Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Table ta da............

Today while cleaning my house I am going to try to post once an hour to catch everyone up on some of my adventures.....First the table now I tried to get this crap in order but this blog will not mind me...The pictures I sat for 45 minutes trying to get them in order but noooo the blog would not cooperate but you get the idea....

Ok so here I had to put feet on not really so hard just drilled the holes..but I have to say a tear did drop having to rip the silk inside after all where in the world is a suitcase with silk any more i ask you....

This is one of the suitcases

And this came with a LL for yup Lani Lasko
The feet only cost  a dollar each
The stain effects the brain ventilation is good....
The hole for the foot

This is in thew suitcase it killed me to have to damage the silk....
The foot

Woowhoo four feet

These guys cut my glass from Aladdin Glass

For the shine and to make the stickers stick

With a few of the stickers

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