Heavy Metal Spatula is where I try to place all my recipes.Cooking is a craft we should share. The ole' It is a family secret is a bunch of crap. Do you really think it is fair to let something Delicious die with you. Hell no

I have taken all my recipes from Grandma to the food I find in my Vintage Cookbook's. I will tweak many of them and some are original.
I also have the Preserving Website Canarella with recipes on all things preserved, Fermented, Pressure Canned and the list goes on.

I have a zillion seriously a zillion cook books. I collect them old old old and new. Everything from Canning to Baking and beyond so I started this web-page to highlight just that. It started with a recipe a day that turned out to be overwhelming to my waistline. Why you ask? Everything is delicious!

And fell free to share any of your favorite recipes on our Facebook Page @ Heavy Metal Spatula and I will share them here for our Cooking Friends! 


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