Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Trip with the girls....Shut Up Lani

Ok so we start out a happy group of girls ready for a little adventure ....We meet I was going to drive but two people flaked so we decided that Shelly will drive....So off we go talking like a bunch of cackling hens all the way to Oxnard...We were going to talk to some friends down there....So we get there and settle in ...did not want to spend the money on the BBQ so we opted for Billy Barty Hot Dogs that make the desert look moist....but hey enough mustard and relish can not complain yes I can ok so we choke down the hot dogs and then one of the girls says hey I want some thing sweet....Ok We jam on into the hall and get a nice variety of sugar and sit at the table and poof sugar gone like lightening....but let me tell you Jenni stashed one in her purse and that will come up later......

Look how happy we are

Oh for Christ sake it is just a picture
Could not help it nice peely tree huh I will put this on the gardening blog 

Ok so we start home and if I have said it once I have said it one hundred times when I drive I do not mind getting a little lost...It is just one more of my many adventures.....  So right off the bat we are still in the parking lot and I shout out Right and yup Shelly goes right...Why I ask Why did she listen to me she is so smart but I think she was tie tie .... So She Says..."Lani shut up and I'm not going to listen to your directions anymore...humm ok that could work..... but it is like verbal direarrah can not help you should have just gagged me....So we get out of the ;larking lot and get going down the la
Holy Shit where the hell are we ??????? Lani shut up

Alrighty then we are going through downtown Oxnard the hummm busier part of town if I do say so.....And to me it seems no one else knows where we are and I'm liking this left ..........right......... Lani Shut up how long could I do this and she will still listen...Oh mean while the girls in the back seat with me are laughing so hard I am surprised we did not have to stop and pee...Oh not me I pad up for road trips....ya never know.....Alright by now we are in farmland some where between the Pacific Ocean and Some City could be Ventura could be Camarillo could be HELL......Shut up Lani

Ok least there is food on the road
Alright I make a point that if we get lost we have one bottle of water ...... We can send out a few of us to collect strawberries out of the field and Jenni's got a hidden cookie..She clutched her purse closer..... Now the sun is setting and it was a lovely view ...Please note that through out this whole trip and it was a trip I got some really nice shots of the hour and half trip from Oxnard to Simi....It only takes 20 minutes to get home when you do not have me in the car.....

I think it was the full moon..Lani Shut Up
The mountains that I said we should head toward...Keep in  mind we were surrounded by mountains

This is where it got scary she starting going no lie 90 miles an hour

TA DA HOME....Shut up Lani..Thank you girls for yet another great day with my women

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Doris Sturm said...

Nice sky photos, but Lani, really, quit smoking - you'll ruin your pretty teeth (not to mention lungs!)


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