Friday, May 6, 2011

The color wheel

My first work of art....

Yes it is that time again time for all Seniors to get to class...... Yes I signed up for another class the Gardening one was just not enough and it is one more I can cross of my Toilet list shit I have to do . Let us start at the top for new readers...I got retired fired and until I can find a new job which we are always on the prowl for I need to stay i do not do enough...but the way i go go golanigo is the way I am built...So I took the gardening seminar where a Master Gardener talks each week about a different subject and it was really good. Why I even got a boyfriend named Herman oh do not be jealous just because he is 86 and smells like Old Spice....I know you want him but he is mine ladies....Ok so I went back to the Center one day while I was walking with one of my gal pals and noticed that they were going to have a water color class so I said this could be yet one more adventure....But before I went I did get Linda to go with me for a Senior Tour and to show her all the great things this place has to offer to us.....I thought perhaps she would like to go become a Picasso with me but once she got a wind of the woodcarvers class I knew I lost her...... But worry not my little ones i have gone singed up and will be attending the Water Color Class and will be updating you weekly...Why if I was not so focused on my color wheel I probably would have been able to join in to a couple of hot and moving conversations....About what you ask ...Well one was the state of the Royal Wedding and all the gossip that goes with it...Like "Well you know the only reason the Queen let Prince Charles marry Diana is so they would not have ugly babies" Now who da thought....The  other was the price of paper towels and how to use the copy machine.....It just keeps getting better and better....I better find a job fast.....God Bless ...

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