Saturday, October 24, 2009

Canary Heartattack

So I'm cleaning the cage that I put Bird and Dee in seems that since I got a cage large enough to accommodate myself and six of My closest friends things seemed I take the cage in the kitchen with a fork lift and start to clean it then all of a sudden Bird goes ballistic and puffs up and his little eyes start to rollin his little head...Jesus Christ I'm thinking what ???what just talk to me ...chirp something then he start to get goofy and flys to the bottom of the cage and is really on deaths door...I run out of the house PA!!!!!!! 911 ....911......... PA...... PA where are you I have killed Bird She is having a heart attack he looks at me with yes that oh shit what now...sorry about he language but it is what he is saying in his loving he just stars at me as I say come come look...the bird is still on the cage bottom half dead ....I say watch the bird or hubby is going anywhere ...I grab one of the extra god darn cages in the garage put a little towel in the bottom and come in and grab Bird on one of the pole in the same cage she is in and then I see Dee go over and start to peck at Bird...THE NERVE were in a crisis jackass.....but in my Sharp as a tack mind I say AHHHH Dee is a bully and has broken down poor Bird and this was the last straw....So I move Dee who's new name is the little cage and Bully screech's at me as if to say B^#&&$$ get your hands off me.....ok so than i go out to the garage and grab yet another cage...the larger one because now they have to be separated for life.....but Bird is better now that Bully is gone...and funny but Bird is keeping her back to the other cage...So now Hubby is out getting me a toggle bolt and some chain and Bully is going in the computer room where I can keep an eye on her.....him what ever it is???? I tell you it is never ending ...her is a picture of them together the orange one is the original Bird and the little yellow beast is Bully....God Bless


Rosanne said...

A bird bully?! Sorry couldn't resist......

Doris Sturm said...

Wow - what a bird drama ;-) I'm glad your bird didn't really die of a heart attack!

I must admit, I love birds, but have never owned I don't know much about them. I'd have to read up on bird keeping, because I have no clue when it comes to birds...other than that they are cute and pretty.

Glad everyoene is ok now.

Have a nice evening,


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