Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ok so the Cheesecake came out good BUT

Ok so I get the recipe the "secret" Italian Ricotta Cheese Cake from the mother in love and go right to the kitchen to get this thing done. Now I have the new stove ....double oven sweet deal.... I have all the ingredients what else I'm all sassy and bitchen in my kitchen ....Get all the grub together and it is lookin good peeps. Turn the oven on - go get the crust done pack it down pour the batter in and it is good even raw I tasted it and yes yes yes....So down into the new oven it goes....I asked hubby to stay up  few extra minutes (God must have know what was going to happen next....So in it goes-- I'm on the computer just a stone throw away and snif snif hummm that smells funny...I open the oven and all this Crisco is dripping out of the bottom of the new Spring Form on to the New Stove...So I whip it out with a dry towel in a lit oven....Ok that should do it......Few minutes go by and snif snif damn more but now a white cloud of smoke is coming out so I break open a few windows and open the oven and it is dripping even worse but it was strange looking drips that is not crisco...well I will just put a cookie sheet under to catch the stuff that's the ticket....Close the oven then I go sit and look back at the oven and it is completely engulfed in flames....I'm having a heart attack I'm all "PA  PAAAAA Hurry the kitchen is going to blow up .....He comes in looks at me and says what should we do...What the Hell your asking me I created this shit your the man do something..So I go grab the baking soda and hand it to him and say Throw IT NOW......I have seen baking soda on many a counter I think it is to put out grease fires???..He throws the baking soda and the oven says Dumb shit I'm on FIRE better start thinking outside the box...So Hubby says we will not give it any air we will smother it and shuts the door LOL it is still going...I yell get a fire extinguisher...He looks at me like I have four heads I have one in the truck....Ok go go go....He starts out and I say WAIT I think it is out...He looks at me..... I say you open it..... I think the house is going to blow up I'm not laughing at all when this happens....So it goes out were a bit more at ease and I say the Cheese cake now what..and I go on and on about all the time I spent and how It would have been so good...He looks at me and says Cook it anyway start over.....Are you Fricken kidding me...But wait let me dump the batter in a bowl make a new crust and start over....So when I do this I look and the New Spring Form pan was never closed all the way...Look I'm not from baking I just started this game...I can cook a storm around most but baking Not so much....So i secure the spring form pan make a new crust pour the half cooked batter in and put it in the top now it is 9:30 do you know how long you cook these things ......for an hour cooked then another hour so the thing can rest like it worked out in the oven then cool in the refrigerator.....So I sent Hubby to bed and put the cake in the upper oven and sit and I mean sit next to the oven for the next hour and watch it like the oven was giving birth....It did smoke a bit half way through but it came out so good ...I think I will call it the On Fire Chese Cake...All is well....and I'm am beat......Great recipe though so go to Just Maz cooking site for the recipe
The Cheese Cake
From the fire zone

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