Monday, May 23, 2011

The Gym is Open and

I already have one victim from the BBQ last night Josh's fiancee is coming she needs a partner and I love the company she is fun..But let us first take a vote on if she will even show...9 to 1 she will sleep in have some where to go or will not answer her phone...I know but it all sounds good the night before...but I'm on my way and that is what is important..But in the pictures see the guy well he is the one who promised to make all my dreams come no no no name because I do not want someone to steal him from the gym...Hey go join it is right here in Simi and only 9.99 a month ..remember it is a no frillzz gym...I just got off the scale and I'm weighing in at 153 a mere 8 pounds mow then last year..shit I better get goin....Stupid cooking.....
Oh Crap the Gym is Body X-Change

Step right up we will make you scream

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