Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Went to Dancing with the Starz

Ok how much fun was that...myself and my new bestest friend Cindy mom of Hanks gal pal went to the dancing with the starz....So we get there early snag a great parking space that I made Cindy get out and case the street for no parking signs then ask some man who spoke no english if we could park there he looked right at her and said NO ???? What the heck then looked back and said park there???? yes he goes Ok then.....LOL.....SO after the 15 minute security check of the parking space and belongings because you can not take camera or cell phones in and so we left everything in the car but necessities......So we go high heals and all into the waiting line of 175 people ....lucky us we are behind a woman who has been in this line for every season a seasoned professional line she runs down the dos and donts while telling us her sister is going to be here soon and she is the pro...mean time some random guy comes up and say do you have extra ticket??? In frenchlish...not impressed we look at this guy and say NOPE...but Pro girl says oh stay here my sister usually has Pierre waited and his name really was while we are waiting for her to show I being the busy body that I am start to ask only a few key questions of this pieree only took two first do you live here??? Yes..... oh nice.,,,,, how long have you lived here? 10 years ....ok ok and what do you do for a living? Ah in the fench accent a little bit of this and a liite but of that....DONE ok this guy is looking for something just have not put my finger on it yet.....Ok so now comes the sister BRIGHT red slick jacket Black boots and long black hair but personally nothing to send home to mom.....But Perire found his girl for the day....All of a sudden this guy is taking about he is a writer and he just happens to have a magazine that has him in it and the people he has worked with over the years.....LOL....No wait it gets better .....Now red jacket is so impresssed we watch as she throws her hair back and moistens her lips......I cant stand it it is so these two go on and on..then out of no where Pierre says I will be right back Im running to my car to get you a copy of my magazine....goes running across a main street disappears then comes running back...he hands her the magazine and she says....Ready???...Oh Pierre will you autograph it" COULD YOU JUST PEE YOUR PANTS the studio kids come to counting heads and you get to go to the next holding area i know what cattle feel like when they are taken to slauter...Seriously three hour wait people and Tom......Now we get to the next area and while we were waiting in the line this one lady keeps staring at me alott I tell my buddy you note this woman staring at me....???? Why ?????? Never could figure it out but anywho...must be my foxy-ness... while we are in line the pro-line ladies are telling everyone ya know they don't allow phones but just stick it in your bar or somewhere...OH yeah that worked really well for one lady till she walked thru the METAL ...ok so the next area is benches...thank got my date Cindy brought us snacks and yuppie water.....So well into the third hour I decide to go to the bathroom and strick up a conversation with a young little Ellen Degenerac we have quite a good conversation and I say I see you came out of the speical door any chance of extra seats if so...Im your girl come on out and get she goes her way I go mine and ten minutes later I see her coming so I tell Cindy oh look here comes my new best friend Cindy looks at me and says Your Gay??????? no no but if it will get us better my little friend comes over as if to I believe ask me to go to the good seats but priorto her asking me anything I say oh this is my friend Cindy well there went the golden ticket....POOF.... she was gone.....Damn .....I did look HOT >.......LOL.....Ok so mean while we get to go to the next holding area ...really this was three hours.....thank god for Aqua Net......and support hose.......But meanwhile Pierre found Mrs.Robinson (New Victim) who was decked out in the jewels and oh about 72 years old but standing and he ws all hunched over talking to her while the other two girls were yelling "Pierre Pierre hurry or you won't get in...PIERRE!!!!" her oh oh oh ....Now red jackets has given us the low down on how to get the good seats......We go into the studio they are marching us up the stairs to the balcomy right when we come into the studio the girls turn around and Fricken Pierre is GONE like got in and he is we go to our seats and we ask one of the pros where is your sister she says oh She is down stairs working her magic to get better seats.....Oh can't wait ...20 minutes later she comes up and sits down ,, no seat change....well enough ...the show was fabulous we had good seats and I stood every time we clapped so I could get on camera and I did.....LOL>....... But the best part is we had a group of what I am thinking were OLD time Donnie Osmond fans because when he looked up at our of the women MY AGE yells to her girlfriends "He looked at me He looked at me" and I think she had an orgasm....God Bless Her....So there it is the most fun at Dancing with the Stars is the wait........Lov U all God Bless......


tango's trash & treasures said...

LOL how fun!!
You look great!!

Pat said...

I like the show but don't know if I could do a 3-hour wait to get into it. Glad you had such fun. Which week did you see? (Results show or the first night of the show where they dance and then people call in to vote???)

Doris Sturm said...

I'm speechless!

Glad you had so much fun ;-)

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Woohoo, look at you two!

As they say in horse land, y'all are ALL chromed up and your tails are swishing the ground gleaming!


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