Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jezzz a week and not a word .......

Ok it all started last week when I went to a cooking class I shared then it turned into a holiday the next thing I knew was at my Mommy's with her hooligan friends playing cards...I will download the pictures of that adventure when I get home from yet another cooking class tonight..the topic tonight Holiday Treats Home made....

Right here you see a little baby quilt i make for Heathers friend it was the first baby one and all from scraps you must love the back with the nursery theme.... I promise to catch up tonight I owe it to you all ....I don't know I'm suspicious that some people phoney followers....signed up during the giveaway and never sad but what the heck who cares i write this for you my love.....god bless..


tango's trash & treasures said...

tee hee It's cute!
What's cooking??

Doris Sturm said...

That is a lovely little quilt with the sweet pink bunnies ;-) I'm sure moma and baby will appreciate all your hard work. It turned out really cute.

Wishing you a happy day,


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