Saturday, March 22, 2014

Easy Street "The Walk" Local Business's

Local Business Field Trip

Easy Street in Simi Valley an industrial mecca! Seriously it is just a street with a lot of business that I wanted to go in to.

Who ya gonna call? LINDA!

Yes once again I call my trusted comrade in arm's. "Linda" . She is always up for an adventure. That is as long as it does not involve dirt, hand holding, toilet stops or hugs.

And besides we have so much in common. 

One day I was driving down Easy street once again and said I have to get to know these people and what the hell they do on this street. I am a people person. So I pulled over called Co-pilot Linda and she agreed it was a must do. It was as simple as that.

This would be a man picking up "nails" on a street we had been driving up and down and up and down. Really?

Next we are approaching Techstone Inc. an Outdoor Improvement Warehouse this was the best stop in my opinion. They all were good !

But my host Armando was so sweet and cute like a little Boo-Boo bear.

Techstone Inc
460 E. Easy Street
Simi Valley, CA 93065

This is my gracious host Armando. I swear it was such a pleasure to see employee so informative and knowledgeable about their business.They have this stuff you coat concrete with and it is like indoor granite. And you can do outdoor counter's. Look at me feeling it. Smooth - Super Stuff.

The Price Club 4 Pet Warehouse. "Your Wholesale Pet Superstore"

This place is BIG and they have their own Pet Food.
420 East Easy Street
Simi Valley, CA
(805) 520-7387

The food is called Great Life . Sweet.

The young man was really overly helpful. Nice to see with today's hooligan who could give a shit if you come or go. He had so much information. Stock holder I hope !

Son of the owner?

He gave me the grand tour and told me all about the dog food. Do I looked interested? I was!
 My partner is snapping the shot's . We will need to show her how to zoom in for the emotion's I was showing. Good Job Linda!!!!!

It was obvious where we were NOT ALLOWED!

He must own stock no one is this helpful!
Makes me want to go back.

Last stop Kara Kreations this one I have had my eye on for a while. I have wanted some special acrylic boxes for my quilting stuff.The owner was a delight. And what a talker.

Kara Kreations
440 E. Easy Street
Simi Valley, CA 9

This door way ridiculous we are open but ya have to call us to let you in.

Or not?

Ending the day with delicious Sushi.

We are two gal's who take about oh say 4 hours for lunch on any given day!
We almost always go to Sushi Planet in Moorpark.
Shhhhh do not tell Simi Linda decided wherer we should eat !!!!

Support your local business peep's

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let us catch up once again

Hansen Ag Center my Thursday hang out Volunteering
Well I have been a busy little bee.

I have been gardening as a volunteer at the Hansen Center.

Oh and started a movie group on Friday's. Here is the link Friday Girls Film Group I guess you could say "I'm Baaacckkk!'

Today I am going to just try and focus on getting all this blog stuff caught up and jump in the shower.

I have made some great super duper Lemon Marmalade. From Mama's lemon tree. Wish that God Damn house would sell or I will have to charge 127.50 per jar to pay the rent on that piece of la la la la . Draggingg my brother down  there tomorrow to spray weed killer. Really?

 Canning Class with the youngin's. Nice group of church girls. The minute they walked in the door I said It was God damn good to see them. Darn shut my truck driving mouth.

Started a new cooking sight because I need more blog's. I need to go to blogging anonymous. Heavy Metal Spatula

 Finally took a field trip to the Native Nursery.

My home on Thursday's

Leighton is still keeping me company on Tuesday's. This is him helping me operate on the operation game. Actually we are replacing a battery and as you know everything is so important at the age of 3 ! 

Took my Motorcycle safety class that Vespa is looking closer and closer. Oh no I did not pass I could not make a circle 8 as samll as they wanted. Mine took most of the parking lot. I am currently practicing in the neighborhood.

 Removing was from Fabric Wa La 
 another thing I needed to learn. Grandma would be proud. But I would think that Grandma Lois, Mama and  aseuy are up above shaking there heads' Then saying "poor little thing"

More will be revealed. xoxo

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pa's Birthday at the Beer and Sausage Palace

This is the Birthday Surprise night. I took my Pa to the Brat Brother's in Newbury Park. Hank and his Wife (love saying that) met us there. Also Bob the light man and Linda to.

The Newly Wedder'z

Bob the light man his girlfriend Linda and lil Lani

This place is so great and the decor
It is called Brat Brother's in Newbury Park

This is the group I love to spend time with and we partied down with the Greman-ish band thing.

This is the men's toilet. How fun is that a beer keg thing

Band socks

He enjoyed his sausage so much. He does like sausage even thought I do not eat the little fiber fat filled delights.

This is some of Lynsey's Pork dish with dumplings that were a meal within them,selves. The little pastry thing was a veggie-cheese puffy delight.

THe band was so entertaining they gathered the troops to join in and everyone was clapping and singing and dancing.


Then up onto the table went the singer in the band. He went into a song of Happy Birthday to you to Pa.

Ahh with that he got a strudel with homemade cream.

All in all it was so much fun and I think I killed about 300 calories clapping and tapping my foot.

Brat Brother's
2160 Newbury Road
Newbury Park, CA. 91320
Tel: (805) 716-3242

Monday, January 6, 2014

Thank you Monday

Good Lord I am so happy to have a beginning of a week. This whole Holiday time has been exhausting. I have thought it was Monday or Sunday or some other day of the week. Shit the last three weeks. It only happens when these Holiday's land mid week and we have a day off here and there. Then there is the getting all the Holiday decoration's put away.

I always have some thing-Z that I have forgotten to pack. Holiday sock's, some bell's on a door and this year when I thought I had just done it. A towel , some socks, and a lamp shade. The lamp shade really set me over the edge. How did that little lamp get packed with out it's shade?

 Finally all the stuff is away. Then I saw them while relaxing on the couch watching the premier of Downton Abbey. All cuddled the hubby all tucked away in the bedroom. Ahhh this is nice, a nice New Year evening. Me my tea and Lady Mary! I make my tea in my new Downtown Abbey cup that I got from my good friend Linda. Thank you Baby Jesus!  Why I even got Downton Abbey Tea. HALLA Then I look over just a touch and there they were. The Balls'.  The stupid red and white hanging just high enough to not be noticed. The Balls no movement just the sight of them to say "Enjoy your show asshole because tomorrow you will forget us again, and Tuesday again. Until you rip us down damage the light and need a meeting before you drink your self into a oblivion.  And who hung those little devil's. ME!


Ok moving on the play offs are upon us. Football my friend Football. Now I am the last person to like this sport but a girl can change. This is a sport where big burly men knock the crap out of one another while opposing team member's can be seen gentle helping each other up off the grass. Where one small team member spends the whole game kicking a ball on the side lines waiting to have the chance to make that last field goal and clinch the game. Ahhhh Football. The sport of champion's and one a woman whole be smart to get to know as she can actually sit on the couch jump up in a frieze and Yell fiercely "Run you Bastard Run" . Ladies who cares what team it is. The mere fact that we can yell obscenities and have no regrets no guilt, no I am so sorry I said that. The wonderful feeling why I now live for it.

I am back on schedule with all my little hobbies. No New Year resolution's they are for people who think they make a difference in their own lives. Just stop the crap and do it!  Really think of it this way if you stop doing something say -  stop eating sugar, stop smoking, stop yelling then here is the thing. Just stop telling everyone. Do not tell anyone this way if you start doing it again you are none the worse. But if you succeed people do notice and you have success. Easy!

Oh Oh we went to Mr. and Mrs. Jassem's house yesterday with Uncle Pace for Football. How they make such a small space so comfortable and fun is beyond me. It must be the love.

And my second grandchild Olive had fun to. I wish I could take a paper bag and play with it for hour's at a time.

Then hit the shelf for a nap.

 At half time Mrs. Jassem and I took a walk along her water way.

We had a good little walk. Ducks, and little waterfall's.

 Then came the COFFEE this is not your ordinary coffee. It is Armenian it is fully brewed grounds that are fine like power. It is heated up to a precise temperature until the secret foam form's Then it's poured into a cup and

                    BLAST OFF
I was up till 1 AM

Well Happy New Year and have a good start. Let's stay in touch. I am back. xoxo


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