Sunday, November 20, 2016

Shhhh and Shhhhhh

I am one that does not need much sleep to get my day started. As a matter of fact I do not take nap's ! This is not because I can't why I am the first to say to anyone  "Ahhh go take a little nappy". The reasons for me not taking one is too fold.

A. When waking from a nap I am a Raving Bitch my bitchyness takes over any amount of PMS or any other negative quality we as women have been labeled with. Wake me during a nap and do not stand back just run the hell out of town!

B. When I lay down my little precious head to take a nappy it happens. The brain starts to work I will start to think of all the things I could be doing. I write letters to people I have not been in contact with in years why they may even be dead. I re-write the scrip of any argument I got in and make sure I say all the right thing's. It is not pretty my brain in action.

Thus no nappy for little Lani! BUT let us talk bed time ...... no not mine....nope not Pa YUP

My grown children, Let us start with the Alssems' That would be Heather Ann and Christopher. Now granted prior to Princess Harper Lily being born to us they went to bed at no later than 8pm and yes I thought this strange of a young hip Oaktown couple but it was what it was. Oh, please do not get me wrong they can and do go out with the best of them and have a good time. Now lets us come to the present day with Baby Harper Bean.


The Bean has always been from what information I have been given a good night sleeper. The parents have a routine. I only know of some of the secret routine not all the details. Anywho they start the "routine" at 6:30 sharp not 6:20 not 6:35...... 6:30pm Sharp! All I see is the three of them disappear up the stairwell POOF all three are gone. I hear laughter, singing daddy and mommy chatter to the wee one then a bit of grumpy Baby Bean then Silence !!!! Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse!

I am left down stair's with my favorite Netflix show on what ever is streaming at the time. No light's, limited volume I have gotten really good at TV Lip Reading! Once I was on the phone and all I saw for about 20 seconds was Christopher's head and SHHHH Wait it gets even better I was in the bathroom and of course was going Pee Pee and I flushed I came out of the bathroom and on me like a fly to shit was Mommy with "No Flushing" now I get it but she scared the rest of the shit out of me ! Well I am tired just writing this these kid's keep Yaya very busy and I love it! Who knew a year ago I would be back at work in Oaktown no less.

Ahh the memories of Babyhood I just love it.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Seven Year Itchy

Downsizing is that word or a job? Heather Anne and her Hubby Christopher Robin seem to think it is. Now in all honestly Christopher does not say much but the face is telling it all. Ok ok so I do have to admit the 123 Starbucks coffee stoppers was a bit much but that was my Mommy's idea she thought we could make Christmas tree's out of them. Alright so she has been dead 3 years. No issues they are gone now. I laughed so hard I peed my pants.

Pa and I just went on our first vacation in 7 years. No shit we really took a good look at our lives and where we are headin'. I think we are going to flip a bitch and go in another direction starting in 2017 or so. So many of us wait until it is to late to make change and enjoy life while we still do not have to use a walker, life alert or just hope the kids come visit! Alright enough of that. Please have no worry we will live in the home we are in until we are very old. er

So vacation you say we went to Sacramento and Paradise here in California. in Paradise we had a mission to go see my Granma's grave and leave a bit of my daddy with her. I had not been back there since I was in the 10th grade at her funeral. I spent many a summer up there with her. She taught me how to sew and so many other great hobbies.

She is my canning queen from days gone by!

Oh and this part of the stpry is so koo-koo I wanted to go drive by my grandma's home I have so many great memories of things we did. Well Never I say never do that! I was so fricken excited turn left here honey righthere ok ok it is right there on the ....holy shit...... there in my Grandmother's yeard was the Family from Deliverance. yes no shit they had 4 teeth total for 6 people and they saw us cruze by slow and got up and headed toward us while the other kin' went for the home. Pa told me to loose the camera and lock the door's. Oh Honey it is not that bad let's go back by. He is such a gift that Hubby of mine! Back we go and there by the front gate is Ma and her son by her 3 cousin second removed staring at us

The area and the time away from home was a much needed escape.

We were able to have dinner with our cousin's in Davis. Now Davis there is another stranger than strange town. It is a college town and that is great but shit bike city. And trust me they have the right of way even when they don't. We left the restaurant after 9 and there were many a student and local alike that were how do you say Wasted.... Oh we drove 7 miles an hour avoiding bikers and drunk students and forgot to ask Cousin Carol how to get to the freeway. Good Times!

So when we got home which was the whole point of this story the kid's Heather and Christopher had a staycation at our home. That is when the conversation started with "You have a lot of "stuff" Mom!' They are of the Minimalist Generation have no more than you need. Good Concept but not in my reality!

And to be honest that is why moving is not an issue for me do you know how much shit I would have to sell. Because God as my witness I will not move all this stuff!

So Granpa and I have decided since we talked so much about what a great yard we have for grand-kids well will stay long enough to get Ponies and Chicken's oh me oh my!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Those Ear's are Just so Loud!

This is what put me into hysterical laughter the last Yaya session at Harperville. Ms.Independence who is not so independent any longer "Thank You Ms. Harper".

 The pictures are to show you the angles of those darn ears ! 

I had Harper down for her last nap and Mama came home. Delightful ! We are chatting and she decides to go up and check on the baby girl Merritt (their dog) gets up and shake's his head. The ears fly and make an noise like a helicopter taking off!

Heather whips around and says Shhhh then the comment "His ears are so loud!"  REALLY you know "that" kind of loud eared dog there all over the place.  God Damit Merritt! As Yaya laugh's.

I am well into my second week of my new job and I do say it is quite delightful. My little angel darling, beautiful, brilliant, soft, cuddly, sharty, burpy, talented, giggly, rolling granddaughter is holding up well with Yaya taking care of her. She seems to enjoy the time we have.

So far I have not locked my self out of the home. Yes that was one of my previous post's. I have a key I wear around my neck. I put that thing on the minute I wake up it takes priority over coffee and hygiene. And I check my neck all day even though I know the key is there.

This is funny you guy's she thinks I'm sleeping!
Now lets talk walks. We have a routine. When we get our first grump on we head out. We have a Hill let us just call it the Morning Hill up up up we go. We are mostly quiet in the AM the coffee has not quite hit me yet. Ok once we hit the top of the Clucking hill it is the driveway challenge time.

By this we mean we look up the other Clucking hill and say let us just go to the first driveway back down then ok next drive way and on. Now their are some morning I just say Cluck the driveway's and sing about what adventure we will come upon today. I am sure most of the on looker's that would be neighbor's  must say "Who is that lady ? " Strange but whatever!

Why can't I go?? Look my ears ..there gone!!

" Oh shit John here comes that lady with the horrible voice. But oh what a spirited old fart!!" Now the kids think I take such long great walks but to be honest half of it is just to catch my breath! And do not let me get started on the outfit which does not change much. Sweats and Old T-shirts once Harper is more aware she can buy Yaya new clothes. I look like a very poor old lady ! Yet I am fitting in to my Oaktown Tree Huggin' environment!

Well had to get this written today I am off to the airport to get back to work. The Adventure continues!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Home and Harper

Harper sent me home ! What a delightful three day's. I followed daddy around like a little shadow. Ok honestly like a hyped up talking machine. But I was able to see what needed to be seen to help when I come up early Winter and become the Ga-nanny.

Oh yeah Baby I passed the Granma test and starting November 1st I have the honor of taking care of that little Bean every week till June. What a gift.

Now after a few weeks Mama and Daddy may have had enough of me but I have the plan all figured out. I will watch the little bean and then when they get home I will run down to my room and hide. Actually Uncle Henry Allan and Aunt Lulu took my sewing machine up there.

So for now I am home and have a lot to do. This weekend we have a Park Boutique to sell the jam'. Looking forward to spending the day with my Lyndsey. It is the first time I have taken myself out of
my comfort canning zone. I am excited !

With Halloween coming I get so excited I have my couch decorated it is the one thing that gets me going. I usually have a Halloween Party the weekend before just so neighbor's can gather and socialize. Hope I can swing it this year!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Day Three Then Home Yaya

 This is where I spent most of Training Day 2 in the garden. Oh shit I am delighted to get in the dirt any time any yard. Right now I just want to stay out of the way and do what ever when asked.

These new little parents need there space and Yaya in small doses! LOL
So I prepped the potato area , planted some milkweed, trimmed the cactus and popped some cutting in the fricken gopher holes. God Dam Gopher's. But Yaya has a cure for those little assholes. Daffodils so when you see new holes plant a bulb hey why not the hole is already dug! Bam Garden Magic.

Oh and our first Grandaughter Stella got a new home today. Very sad but she needed more attention. But her new guy Uriah is super nice. And he was very excited to get this little vixen. Will Miss You Ms. Stella Oh Tear!

But Mama came home and off to dinner we went. The spot is Swan's Marketplace this is just one more reason I love Oaktown. This whole block was established in 1869 and connected California to the railroad once established. Such history this place never seems to let me down when it comes to discovering some thing or somewhere new to go.

Ok baby all wrapped up on Mama and we are off. Can you tell by the look on Mama's face she is so happy to be with her baby Harper!

The variety of food was amazing. I decided to go with a good old fashion Po' Boy Sandwich with fried oysters on a crusty bun smothered with cole slaw. Oh and a slice of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie to go. 

Harper and Dad got some Chinese Fried Chicken and sushi rolls. Mama got a three cheese grilled sandwich with a delightful salad we all shared.

All in all this was a great day for everyone. My favorite part of the day is when Mama comes home. Only because I love to see the bond between the two of them.

What a sweet little family.

Tomorrow Home Bound and with that why hasn't my hubby called me shit he must be having fun or something. I did ask he claimed brain damage!

 Same shit different day!


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