Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Poker Ride 2015

 Well the Weather was great and the attitudes even better. Many a neighbor saddled up to join in on the annual Poker Ride.

Penny, Sue and Lisa all took part in the fun.

Poker Ride You Ask?

Each year Bridle Path Event Committee put's on a Poker Ride.
You can saddle up your horse , walk the trial or hike with your dog. If you have two legs and a desire to be a part of your community then this is for you.

Oh and if you like winning $$$ even better!

As the rider's began to arrive I could see there was going to be some card riding shark's going out on the trail. BUT DON"T OPEN THE ENVELOPE!

Yes, that is right your card's stay sealed till you com back and get them tallied. 

Sign in oh and do not forget to let them know if your are going to eat when you return. Yup Food and Drink's. Yes even beer and wine. YEEEHAAAAA 

They just kept comin' in from all ends of the trail's. 

And more yes that is Polly and her Gigantic Horse! 

This horse wanted two hand's!

Oh and an Extra Card! 

Sue an Sherri just made the cut! 

 Look at the Happy Rider smiles!

Plus the weather was purrfect a little hazy but a tickle of sunshine!

 DO NOT LET Those ladies fool you I had to keep an eye on them and the cash! Look at Lisa all Happy like it is pay day!

Ok with the rider's coming back in it is time to tally the card's. 

Did I win Ma Did I win ?????? 

Hummm What is a Flush? 

Hey there Happy Rider! 

Seriously Polly just relax on that BIG Horse! 

Hey we Want some Pizza and Beer! 

Ok Lulu having to much Soda she is 86'd! 

Hey who's paint horse is missing? 

WHAT ?????

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bridle Path Art- Craft and Tack Festival

Bridle Path my community here in Simi Valley. We do have many Activities and the one I got caught up in this year is our 1st Art, Craft and Tack Festival. Jill was the Chairperson and she gathered up some great vendors for our 1st event.

This is a crack of dawn picture of Jill as she started our set up. Jill is a Master Potter in our neighbor hoodie. Her work is really very unique and professional.

Well this post is just to introduce you to some of the unique crafter's in our neighborhood.

The Crafty Cowgirls came in a group.
Some Bridle path ladies that use their extra time to make great stuff!

Bubbie's Baby stuff had a cute selection of things also.

And our own Debbie helped and showed off all her 4-H kids.

They had chicken's, goats . We also had roping lessons for the children. That was fun.

Good Food was baked by our local 4-H also. Did you say Sugar ? Indeedy,  kept me going all day!

Boots and ropes. This cowboys had so many interesting things for indoor or outdoor decorating of the ranch! Oh Norm

Halla for the Canarella Local Jam's. Yummy

Our local Barn Girl. This woman provides information for barn's in our community. Also a rep for The American Paint Horse.

And then these young good lookin' boy. Well who cares they were so cute.

Local dog's came by to say Hi like Murph and Scout! And neighbor's rode their horses down as to not miss out on anything that day.

It was a great success and a fun day for the Bridle path community . Hope we wee you next year and we can enjoy this beautiful neighborhood we live in.

Coffee Caution - Moody Handle

 Ok so yesterday my doorbell rings and my first thought is "God Damit the BBQ is not till 6:30 Why there is even a nice note on the F#%@%&#*# door. Ok answer it Lani !

Open and What the Heck there is Jayne Stepp with a new Coffee maker. Long story short. I had an older version 28 years older with a glued handle and a note saying when in use to " Play nice Moody Handle" Well last week at the Bluegrass someone was having so much fun (Hick up) even the gorilla glue did not help. So yes I was a bit upset ...... ended up laughing with Jayne and Doyle that it even lasted so long 28 years shit even it was like loosing a child!

Thank you Doyle and Jayne even though I know it was all Jayne. That is Jayne so do you not wish you had a Jayne! Na na na xoxo

Monday, July 6, 2015

Bingo was her name Ohhhhhh

 Yes this is the face of Bingo and her name will remain anonymous JENNI . The story goes that I am sitting with a few friends and we start talking about Bingo and how vicious some of the people can be.

Oh giggle , giggle and the next thing I know like a nightmare I am there among them. I went to bingo.

Now in my own mind I did attend a small gathering of people for Bingo a few months a go for a fund raiser for a local Horse Ranch. My neighbor Lisa and I went and it was fun. She won everything they had but gave it to the kid's next to us! Go figure ! We discussed attending a local Bingo but nothing came of it. I suppose I was just to busy with life to really look for a local game.

But then it happened a group of 4 or more decided to go and like back in the day when if they wanted a helper my hand shot up like a kite on a windy day. Shit not again!

I do have to say this is not a bad deal but there is so much more then what you see on the surface and in the next few weeks I will let you know all the dirty little Bingo Secret's.

Look how serious she is !!!!! 

Ignore the George W. Bush cards on the table and focus on Opie the number caller!

The balls are in place .... Opie is putting his head set on the crowd is settling down into there chairs. You could hear a pin drop ....

And their off      !!!!!!!

This is a nice paced Bingo game my last experience was to fast to much for my ole' brain to keep up. I attribute this to my not winning. But I always have an opinion or reason that anything happens and it is not my way!

Here are a few of the things that keep me going back. New idea's an old sock on a bottle of water. Great DIY and way to keep your hand dry. Go Grama! And she won $150.00 ........... shit!

Here is Opie's replacement when his mouth gets dry!

And I look across the room and a woman looks like me in 30 years. Bun and a barret twice the size of my regular one's. I should look so cute!

Jenni and I have made no new friends'. Maybe because at about 9:37 we break into giggle mania thee tension and salt and sugar highs take us over. Let's see last week it was that I kept pounding my dauber on a sheet so people would think I got lot's of number's. Ok we thought it was funny. And this week well you had to be there!

PLEASE come join us! xoxo


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