Sunday, October 16, 2016

Home and Harper

Harper sent me home ! What a delightful three day's. I followed daddy around like a little shadow. Ok honestly like a hyped up talking machine. But I was able to see what needed to be seen to help when I come up early Winter and become the Ga-nanny.

Oh yeah Baby I passed the Granma test and starting November 1st I have the honor of taking care of that little Bean every week till June. What a gift.

Now after a few weeks Mama and Daddy may have had enough of me but I have the plan all figured out. I will watch the little bean and then when they get home I will run down to my room and hide. Actually Uncle Henry Allan and Aunt Lulu took my sewing machine up there.

So for now I am home and have a lot to do. This weekend we have a Park Boutique to sell the jam'. Looking forward to spending the day with my Lyndsey. It is the first time I have taken myself out of
my comfort canning zone. I am excited !

With Halloween coming I get so excited I have my couch decorated it is the one thing that gets me going. I usually have a Halloween Party the weekend before just so neighbor's can gather and socialize. Hope I can swing it this year!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Day Three Then Home Yaya

 This is where I spent most of Training Day 2 in the garden. Oh shit I am delighted to get in the dirt any time any yard. Right now I just want to stay out of the way and do what ever when asked.

These new little parents need there space and Yaya in small doses! LOL
So I prepped the potato area , planted some milkweed, trimmed the cactus and popped some cutting in the fricken gopher holes. God Dam Gopher's. But Yaya has a cure for those little assholes. Daffodils so when you see new holes plant a bulb hey why not the hole is already dug! Bam Garden Magic.

Oh and our first Grandaughter Stella got a new home today. Very sad but she needed more attention. But her new guy Uriah is super nice. And he was very excited to get this little vixen. Will Miss You Ms. Stella Oh Tear!

But Mama came home and off to dinner we went. The spot is Swan's Marketplace this is just one more reason I love Oaktown. This whole block was established in 1869 and connected California to the railroad once established. Such history this place never seems to let me down when it comes to discovering some thing or somewhere new to go.

Ok baby all wrapped up on Mama and we are off. Can you tell by the look on Mama's face she is so happy to be with her baby Harper!

The variety of food was amazing. I decided to go with a good old fashion Po' Boy Sandwich with fried oysters on a crusty bun smothered with cole slaw. Oh and a slice of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie to go. 

Harper and Dad got some Chinese Fried Chicken and sushi rolls. Mama got a three cheese grilled sandwich with a delightful salad we all shared.

All in all this was a great day for everyone. My favorite part of the day is when Mama comes home. Only because I love to see the bond between the two of them.

What a sweet little family.

Tomorrow Home Bound and with that why hasn't my hubby called me shit he must be having fun or something. I did ask he claimed brain damage!

 Same shit different day!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Harper Training Day Two

Well day 2 here in Oaktown. We lived through day 1 and all is well. Mama had a big day at work But Yaya had a bigger day with Daddy and the Bean. After a heated and long conversation with Stella about how this whole house hold works we got started. I will give you a pictorial countdown make's it faster.

Let us get started because I did sleep like a baby myself last night

First thing we had to bid A Dew to Mama. I cried .... Harper had no clue that her Boobies would be gone for the day and she would have to latch onto the damn bottle.

I did feel a bit like a fricken pain in the ass but like we said yesterday it has been a while and we need to get it right. Good to know that Heather is a big singing rhymer so is Yaya. I do say I did come up with a great song in the bedroom to rhyme with The Cow Jumped over the Moon.  Now I am a schedule person but did not write down the naps, feeding etc yesterday because I did not want to miss even a minute.

Lesson one "Latching" I do so love to learn stuff and latching is one important subject. We learn how to lean and latch the chemical's boobie protein that are in Mama's boobies milk I watched that milk go down like it was the last bottle on earth.

 Latch .... Air ... Suck.... Burp ...Latch , air , suck ,burp

Then it as burb time her little face was so serious and I could just imagine in that little kepee "This is How you Do It" I kept hearing the old rock song. 

 BAHHH Just Kidding Yaya!

Lesson Two :  Exercise Time this is neck endurance and her little neck she holds it up so well. She use to be like a little bobble head. Harper loves looking out the window up stairs in her parents room. We spied on the worker yesterday while he was putting cement in a pole. 

After Yoga time and then daddy decided it was time to leave the 2 hooligans alone for a while and go take a swim. Off on his bicycle her went helmet and all!

                                                          Ok Yaya Now What?????

Well my little Harper Lilly how abut a nice walk?

Well this is where it got really fun.

We got all our stuff together

Phone  ......... check
Stroller ......... check
Blankie ........  check
Key's ............

Well I decided to leave the keys in the door until I had everything ready to go. Well the front door BUT there is a massive iron draw bridge of a screen door it slammed shut while we were preparing and yes you guessed it was locked.

SO first things first we just finished a bottle.  Yaya's cell phone is in her pocket and we have a stroller to walk.  No panic Daddy won't be gone that long so were golden. Wait a Minute let's call Daddy and let him know with no stress we are locked out but we are Ok. Hummm but I do not want to leave the front of the house with the key's dangling on the front door behind the Mega Screen Door! So message left and looks like we will be walking back and forth with in a 24 step area but Harper has no clue she jut wants to walk.

This home is a fortress if you lockout you are locked out until help comes!

So dad did make it home and he asked how everything went. I did look puzzled was he not upset ? Ahh he knows all is well with Yaya       NOT    Papa does not check his messages and had no clue we were even locked out... No Shit but really it was not a mega emergency and besides that he was on his bicycle so I do have to laugh imagining him riding in the fast lane on the freeway to get home to save us! I will be getting him a horn for his bike.

I had a fantastic day and have ot say I am so very grateful to have this little bean to watch and she is so blessed to have two of the greatest parents in the world.

Note to self Do not talk so much! xoxo

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Harper Training

Today is a BIG day I start training to take care of our little bean Harper Lilly. I need to be trained it has been a little while since I have taken care of a little bean. Last night while snuggling in my bed in the Ga-Nanny quarters I could not remember what the hell I did when my kids were little? Shit they were little for a long time. I could go through pictures to jaunt my memory so all in all a training session is good.

This is my trainer Papa Christopher! Good Daddy but I will have to Pull that bean off him. He loves his little girl!

They Ok when I say they and I am up in Oaktown it means Heather and Christopher "The Parents"

So this little Bean is 3 months old today! Wow time flies when they live out of town.

Ma and Pa have made a decision to fly me up to Oaktown (Oakland) every week from Tuesday to Friday to Babysit. I am beyond thrilled to be able to spend this precious time with my little Bean is beyond great.

Let us review the reasons:

First year moments like

Talking to Yaya
Teeth for Yaya
Rolling over for Yaya
Clapping for Yaya
Peek a Boo for Yaya
Sing with Yaya
Walk with Yaya
Learning to talk like a truck driver like F@(@)## Yaya  no no no not really

The list is never ending like the Adventure will prove to be. Plus this will give me practice for the next Grand-baybay comes. Probably years from now but a girl can wish! Now keep in mind that this was not an easy test for me. I had to buckle up the trap (mouth) every time I came to visit. That is super hard for me as we all know I can make coffee nervous.  And I remember very well how I did not like my parents or any adult to tell me how to take care of  My Babies

Alright mama left for work and my job begins. I will follow Christopher round all day and be a BIG pain in the ass. Well my new job is three day's a week three weeks a month. Hey they are flying me up here another thing I need to adjust to. Gee who is the bigger baybay??? Harper or Ga-Nanny.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Painting away the Day

I do so love my Watercolor class but I also as usual have issues. It really comes down to a tit for tat. I love watercolor I go to class and the canvas takes me away. I had this life long desire to learn to watercolor so I grabbed my partner in crimes and joined.

 When in doubt I grab my friend Linda yes she is very willing to try everything at least once and we even did our homework together. Ah friendship .....

Linda our teacher demo'd all the stuff and I went in with a gusto. Not sure if this would be the right fit for me I did not give up. We always seem to get a good laugh and memories out of what ever we do.

Linda even went so far as to go to a drawing class also and she was good.

So off we go to the Simi Valley Senior Center yeah yeah. To start it was not easy there are some really talented people in our community. Look with a little guidance I can do most anything but alone with my own guidance well not so good! Two thing I did very well Drink and Talk!

Moving on and to get this post done with out keeping you here all day... I have been painting since 2011 and so enjoy where it takes me. My real point in this post is to get you to pick up a hobby if you already have not.

Oh shit right I did go to the Encore program at Pierce College and take some out of the box painting classes there were good but all I could look at in this class was the man with the raccoon on his head! 

Well this year I did enter my paintings at the Fair and did ok. They are now on display at the Senior Center.

So between the Canning, Quilting and the new Grand baybay Harper I should be able to stay busy. God Bless


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