Saturday, March 20, 2010

Don't tell Linda..

The Nutty Girls and the Shoes.............

OK i got my new shoes for the Avon walk I'm excited here they are with the groovy socks the Avon people sent me for being so beautiful....;NOT it was for getting $500 in 30 days good job the shoes are all new wave they tie on the somewhat side of the shoe the guy ok funny story the guy who was about 12 and adorable which made me feel like i was oh 16 and getting ready for him to get me my shoes and carry me off to the running prom....ok lets start from the beginning i walk in and romeo Says.....Hello my name is hunk of burnin love can i help you today help me i say OH YEAH BABY ......So he says well first we are going to take an imprint of your foot then you are going to run on the tread mill i was going for the imprint but run on the treadmill in a bushiness suit ...Jesus lets see how many people are here that need a laugh so off go the nanny Lilly knee high stockings how embarrassing i was the only one who knew i wore them now the whole running world knows and I oh so slowly as if to be doing a strip dance slip off the three year old work shoes i like to call my work socks.....ok imprint the foot then romeo says ok now you need to roll up your pants and jump on the tread mill........... HUH??? roll up the pants for god sake it is bad enough i need a pedicure but for gosh sake i have not shaved in three weeks cause the hair only grows in area that i no longer can see...but this kid has 20/20 vision and is just waiting to party and tell this story about the Magilla gorilla legs.... ok i have a sense of humor so up go the pants but first i say do you happen to have a rubber band to keep the suit up????LOL////no now the treadmill mind you i can't run so i am honest finally and say you know i run like a stoned muscle handicap boy so please hold back the laughter and how fast are we going he says one more time ok hop up and up I hop....LOL so he say now start to run just take it up till you can run so up i put the speed and up and I'm walking like the fricken road runner cause i don't do running in public but run i must cause Romeo is not letting up and now there are three other young Romeo' looker on's.... but wait is that one looking at me like he wants me....oh shit don't fall GRAMA.....I run and mid way thu I'm ok guys is this for a laugh or do i really need to run this long....ok your to make matters worse he needs to critic my running Just kill me now ok he asks me how often do you run oh three times a week or so....right in my head im saying I run from my bed to the toilet to pee at 3 or 4 am..............Ok let me go get you your magic shoes..........Ok measure and hummm looks like we need to get you a 9 because you wear a size 8 1/2 ok sound good Romeo .....He brings out the shoes eeeeeeeeeeee too tight sweetie so off to get a 9 1/2 nope no good Good Lord I will look like I'm in the large Olympian foot race but he calms me and says this was the straw that broke the old ladies back ready here it comes "My Mom wears a size 10 1/2 YOUR MOM.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............Here I thought we had a chance at a new relationship but no he had to blow the romance and bring mommy in....With all that and almost 200.00 later I know have shoes that are glaring at me from the bar saying come on you big footed hairy legged old lady let start training.....God Bless and I truly do love this life i have...Oh here is a picture of my sister and me goofing around with our new hair net and blocked out teeth..and you thought I was strange there are more of us...God Bless

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Tangos Trash and Treasures said...

OMGosh!! I almost spit my tea out, gosh your a mess!! LOL


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