Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cleaned and got the Easter stuff down .....

Look at the little peep cup....cutteeeee

Got the Easter decorations out ya know you would think I have babies or grandchildren here but nope it is all for my entertainment alone and hubby to I think he just gets so excited with the thought of being able to take down the boxes no matter what the holiday when I said can you get the St. Pattys box i thought he was going to crap his pants the what he says....Let me go take some photos for you enjoyment....LOL....i judt love my little things....Ok it is Monday and I have yet another busy week.....God Bless


Kaye said...

Love the yellow fuzzies. I managed to get my stuff out also. Fun, fun, fun, but then are n't we just children at heart?

Doris Sturm said...

I know what you mean, I love my little knick-knacks too...they each represent a certain memory and I feel surrounded by love.

Your hubby sounds sweet! (shhh, but don't tell him! Men don't like being called sweet, as you know.)

Have a great week,
Doris :-)

Tangos Trash and Treasures said...

Cute Easter stuff!!


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