Saturday, March 14, 2009

AGAIN with my foxyness!!!!!

So I'm driving Thu Starbucks and minding my own business listening to my music and you all know what this does to me.....So I purchase my drink and with my sunglasses down to the tip of my nose because I'm blind looking Thu them is only good for keeping the sun out otherwise with my sunglasses down in a very alluring way I look to my left out the drivers window and there sitting is this FOXY guy and he is looking me....Oh Yeah baby I know you want a piece of I return the look I think ? In that sexy senior citizen kind of way .....and slowly move the car out as if the car was a model on a runway at fashion week....before i leave the drive Thu I have to look toward my right to make sure there is nothing coming i mayhit and next to my car trying to get by is this young foxy lady that is going to meet him Im sure so I break out in hysterical laughing because there I go again thinking it is all about this FOXY OLD BAG!!!!!!!! LOL........ so I drive on to my book study wishing i was at my computer to tell this story because I know I have been away from my blog way to long..... I am going to do my own little boot camp (Exercise class)because I can not afford to join them again it is expensive so wish me luck I have my little schedule I will go back to the gym for the first time in weeks for the 24 fit class......I have this darn last 10 pounds I'm going to get off gosh darn .....So don't forget Monday I'm going to unveil the giveaway and it is so good...i will go get more stuff today so I can sweeten the pot and don't forget my pal Kaye is also doing and miss u all....God Bless


Sherry said...

Never. I repeat NEVER!! Look over your shoulder after you KNOW someone is flirting with you. NEVER EVER EVER!!! That way you can keep smiling to yourself. ;o)

simple country living! said...

Sweet Lani~
Oh! And I can't wait to see your giveaway!
Blessings & hugs!

Rohit Bahl said...

Hi Lani,
enjoyed your post!! will be back to read more....

bye for now

Rosanne said...

Another funny story! Love it!


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