Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You are all off the hook.......lol

Look I thought it would be nice to do this giveaway but I think times are hard and no one has the time --- or the resources to do it....I understand but that does not get Nana my Kaye off the hook your in baby....lol...So lets just keep it simple and on my site for you all. I do realize that we all get so involved with many things and it becomes overwhelming but that is the story of my life ya all remember I can't not get involved....it is a problem but one I love...So make sure you come back here to find out more about the giveaway on March 16th and Myself and my pal Kaye will keep this thing going...Thanks to everyone who did respond I appreciate it and God BLess...Wait till you see the Mrs. Potato Head Easter theme I got for the giveaway you will laugh laugh laugh I am keeping my eyes out for a grow your own bunny...lol...I love you


Rosanne said...

Hmm this sounds interesting!

i cant sew said...

hi lani, whenever you visit my blog i never know where to come to say hi back. which of your many blogs do i go to?
thanks for visiting me.
%^_^% rosey


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