Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Damn Gym Open aready

Does this look ready to open

For gods sake when the hell is this place opening???? I signed up in February for the place and every month they say oh the first of March…The first of April …Oh it is right around the corner….The first of May for gosh sakes I will be 56 in June could ya do it for my birthday I have grained 7 or more pounds from this cooking adventure I have been on 56 recipes ago and I need to work this off. I know Linda I could be walking but I have lacked the get up and go…I still get up at 5 but the go is just not there ……Ok so I saw the other day a sign see it Grand Opening well if this is true Thank the Good Lord….Will see Im going there today right after my Saturday Coffee time with the ladies.....

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