Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ok so the Microwave broke

So I go to make a bag of popcorn yes I know I am going to buy an air-popper but someone has to eat the bags that are left....I put the popcorn in and POP that is the sound and not the pop of popcorn..yupp after over 13 years in the same spot the poor thing died...Hubby says..."let's go get a new one..well honey we can look but I must have matching micro and oven so it may have to we can do without the micro for a while...after all the only thing i use it for is to warm up water at times and the popcorn.....ok ok I will go get the Air-Popper tomorrow....So a few weeks go by and Hubby say lets go look at microwaves and I gave him the ok BUT I am not buying one till we can get oven and micro together and the oven works just fine....So off to Lowe's and we look and we look and Hubby say's ok just get both make a decision and buy it..Oh must we ..Oh no no we can wait.....This is a grand day in Simi ...Well your right we are here and we do nned it.....La La La the Lani Dance boom cha ka la la .......You have seen the acceptance pictures yes? here they are here at Bitchen Kitchen

Now the installation pictures....I gotta say at times it is a good thing that Apron Strings is here to help hubby....

Ok you know what your doin?

I don't know do you? Is mom watching

You think it is going to fall

Ok mom here is a smile now leave the room

Make sure it is level

TA DA right in time for the recipe a day adventure on Just Maz

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