Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bitchen Kitchen

 This is all we went to get one little spark plug....but hey he asked .............

Ok we went to Lowes (My favorite toy store) to get Hubby a spark Plug for his trimmer......OK back up my microwave broke a couple of weeks ago but I rarely use it for cooking....Anywho so Hubby says lets go look at microwaves and I said nope I won't get a microwave till i get a new stove because i want
them to match and things change to much to fast now a days...Ok ok but lets just go look...Alright after all if this is going to make him happy after all he cooks NOTHING....but warms up everything in the
micro....funny ...LOL ok so we go look I see some oven now I do not want to get stainless steel but my other appliances are stainless so ...I would like to get a wolf but hey a girl can dream .....but being a cook i want the best quality with the best stuff to maximise my cooking skills most oven have that waste of space drawer on the bottom...does anyone remember when it use to be a fricken broiler down there...yup the broiler was on the bottom under the oven separate from the oven...those were the days.....ok back on topic...I got a double oven super nice appliance and a sweeettt microwave ...And they are made by different manufactures but they compliment each other after all a girl has to look good when she is sweating her balls off at the oven but i can not complain because i get such pleasure out of cooking and more pleasure out of seeing people enjoy my stuff. ok well enough for now ....god bless ...oh I ran back in the store while hubby paid told him I forgot something but I got Eugene the salesperson to snap a few shots of me with my new

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