Friday, April 8, 2011

So when I went to

On my Bike heading out
the swappers day down in Silver Lake I stopped at the farmers market down in Hollywood...The first thing was Elizabeth Taylors star on the blvd..who would not have stopped to pay tribute....then stop at the farmers market in Hollyweird  while I am there they are selling Crabs...Now I am not a crab cooker ok I have never cooked it before in my life.....So the fish monger is yelling  15 for two 15 for two I stop look....ok  it is the jew in me that can not let a goods deal go...I turn like a dicso dancer and say Hey you how about two for 10 ??? he looks at the owner and say is that ok the owner says who asked...The young man points at me I throw a wink the boss way and he says yup....Holy Crap now what they are alive and will be living on the way home....Ok they bag them up put them on ice and off I go to my home...
Tribute to Liz

The Boss and the Wink taker

Back on the bike goin' home
Next is to explain to hubby that he is cooking them....He said I should leave the room because they scream really loud when they hit the water........jackass they do not I  said  after i left the room to cry about the murder....but they were delicious fresh and there is nothing like fresh anything....Ok gotta go ....god bless
Cutie sales boy


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