Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Times

Yup Pot Head

Yup proof

Alright so you know Linda and I walk a few times a week ....I always take the camera for moments like this ...oh sure there are many beautiful trees, many doggies to bark...fellow walker that ignore us...but it is moments like this that I cherish...Yes we came upon a small medicine bottle I of course thought Heck what is  left wow wonder if some one dropped that .... Now we know my Linda does  not do pick up stuff off the ground so I did it and made her hold it so I could takethe picture that is where the I think I am going to vomit look comes from because she is in great shape and in no way even so much as shows tiredness.......Well I do not need to say much more but we were going to sprint home to get out the bong but there is none in the bottle...damn maybe next time.......

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