Saturday, April 2, 2011

You could just feel .....................

So this morning the boys are going put to dirt bike ride....The testosterone was so thick you could have grown a penis. Then they fill their ice chest now here is my question ..??? The ice3 chest is empty only is it a man thing to take it and fill it else where ??? I have Gatorade- water -food -snack but noooooo they need to go to Charlie Browns Farm snack shack to fill up .....Seriously it is like when I go out of town my hubby god bless the man gets and eats so much crap Italian Sausages ...Steaks....Ice Cream...Potato chip now do not get me is just i try to eat health local and home grown....but not when the men get together and look at Bobby from up the street he was on his way to play with his street rod and to hear he gibber jabber regarding all things men transmission....My hydraulic la la la la.....SO i captured all these nice shots and what do I get for it...Right before they leave they tell me i should skedaddle into the house before some one see my outfit......Oh Great leave what a nice thought balls up peeps......

ok ready to roll
man bikes

man truck

Little boy's

Bobby and Hubby

ok loaded up
Apron  Strings  and Bobby

and bike 2
The look

running start
Bike 1


Doris Sturm said...

I like men - I find them very amusing (most of the time!)...LOL

Rhonda said...

LOL, LOL, LOL ..... Lani, you are so funny. Loved the photos of the "boys" and their toys.


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