Friday, November 16, 2012

She is in love again this time with

Mama and her new boyfriend
 This Fox of an eye doctor. Look I have had to take Mama to the doctor's several times in the last few months to establish new relationship. Well this one is short of a marriage.She did not want to go no how no way. SO I told her she had to because if she says to me one more god damn time Wha? Huh? or looks at me like I am goofier than I am.

So we walk in and she looks up and as if I was not even there off she goes with Dr. Wonderful to his office to get her wax removed. She HATES to do this oh no not this time.

So I stay behind and start to fill out paper work when the receptionist from heaven says would you like coffee or
tea ? Hell yes! Wait wait little lady Mama first and so Linda asked Mama if she wanted some coffee and you her this yell Yes! Oh suddenly she can hear. It is a miracle!

Coffee Queen Linda

Well once he took the two buckets of wax from her ear's she was so happy and grateful. Hey what happened to Evil Mama who did not want to come here?

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