Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Look there is only so much a woman can take

can take. This Mama here is working out great but I swear I almost ate my husband today for no good reason. Well let me say I thought I had a good reason. The reason you ask well he was not playing ball my way. Do you ever get a bug up your ass for no good reason? Liar yes you do! Today was one of those day's. I woke up and wished I could sleep pass 6 am. Pa leaves for golfing at 5 ish. And when he leaves the dogs go goofy to say bye and get their AM biscuit. So I wake up of course and plug in my coffee with ever intention of going back to bed all snuggly and cozy in my new soft mushy blanket. But no I turn the light on to set the heat on and I hear. "I saw that light" there she is my little roommate!

And as long as I am on the subject let me give you a few more little things that have happened Oh why not! I need to help her get ready at night for bed. It has gotten simpler the only thing I need to do now is unhook the bra and she is off to the turtle races. So the other night I knock on the door and go in to unhook the bra I look down and "Mom what is that? " she looks up "What?"  She had put a large roll of Necco Wafers in her bra. Do you know how big that is? She then looks at me with all the seriousness on earth and say.s "Oh Honey there they are! Thank you dear!" Then we both looked at each other and laughed so hard I swear I needed one of her diapers!

 Well she is dressing herself Ok so the pants are backwards. Details
and she is back on the computer. She has a problem she needs to go to Pinocle Anonymous.

But all in all she is dressing herself.Taking little walks outside and doing so much better!

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