Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deep Fried Turkey Oh Yeah!

 Mama and Brother who had to go home due to the Flu! Ouch that is true dedication to family to come with the flu and spread the love. He went home Pre-Turkey.

This is the Deep Fry group of testosterone

 Christopher Robins mama Virginia . That would be Ms. Independence's man.

Christopher Robin and Ms. Independence

 My two girls. Ms. Independence and Red Rover

 Meet the new boy Matt!

And the Bird is in. Yup this is Deep Fried. This is the only way we do our turkey. Now it took a lot of practice. The last one we deep friend for 7 minutes per pound . Not Good it is only 3 minutes per pound. We had Turkey Jerky!

Even the dog's had family over. Mia my dad and Lynn's dog came and of course let us not forget Bandit Josh's man dog. He marked all spot's and did a little humping on the girls. Typical Man

 This is my Step Mama Lynn a woman who is kind as the day is long and spent most of the day whispering with my Mama! Hummm

                                                                                    3 minutes per pound!

Come on Mia ! Casey was so happy to have friend's over. 

                                                                               My Man! 

Dad with Heather (granddaughter) & Pace (son)

Smoking section. 

Cousins !
                                                                                Shea and Matt

Oh Yes this is what we all wanted. Every single piece was gone. Not a thing left but clean bones. 

                                      Dad fashion model my gardening hat! 

Pa and Ma and our two little girls. 

Mama and Daddy saw each other for the first time in over 25 years! Wow 

My baby Joshua !

My two little nieces Shea and Ali ! 

Carve time 

My son Apron Strings being himself!!!!

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