Thursday, September 13, 2012

Knife and Sizzor Sharpening

Ok you all know I cook and quilt. Sharp tools are essential to my hobbies. Well the new go to guy is Pro-Sharp

I only started to go and get my stuff sharpened when Pa tried to sharpen my knives. One day God Bless him he took my Good Knives and out to the work shop he goes. What I got back was my knives well I only wish I had taken a picture the well how can I describe them. The sharp was gone and the blade was crooked. I swear I do not to this day know how he accomplished that but he did. Always a helper. And that is why I love him so.

Back to Pro-Sharp he comes to Joanne's in Simi Valley about once a month. He sends you an email telling you ht day and time. I dropped my knives and sizzors off one afternoon and about an hour later WaLa sharp. Dangerous sharp the way tools should be. And look how he is wrapping the knives like babies! Such care.

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