Saturday, February 6, 2010

Been up since 5

Tomatillos were on sale so off to Salsa Verde land I went in the rain BBQ-ing The tomatillos the jalapeno and the chillies my hubby got up about 7 and thought what the heck where is she things are cooking but hummm oh there she is out in the rain BBQ-ing and why do i think that is strange i married her....LOL....We have a really buzzie weekend tonight is Cindy's 50th and i get to meet her friends ok Cindy is the BFF for adventures the Rose Bowl the Dancing with the Stars friend ......Then tomorrow off to the gym which i should have been today but the BBQ beckoned me tomorrow Linda and Bob's house for Super Bowl and a game of Pool Linda and I pretend we can play i will get pictures of it I miss her we USE to be really close till she moved up north.....10 houses up the I did the Avon Walk in 2008 she was my official trainer and it was fun we walked and walked and when ever I said the F***** word which those who do not know me I talk in person like a truck driver at times anywho she would make me run ever time i said it and gee i stopped says it as much why it worked....LOL.....i made quilt for Linda for her birthday and she got it half a year after the birthday....

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