Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well its Thursday ..and this is Tony

I really need to catch up on the waving Wednesdays.....will do....SO what do you have planned for Super Bowl ??? We are going to Bobby and Linda's house funn ....what should; I take???? I need too take something healthy after all just because it is super bowl does not allow my mouth to just intake crap....oh my gosh i made a really gorgeous banana bread tonight i took pictures ...Hanks girlfriend said I should write a cook book because she has never seen anyone just make so much random stuff that tastes so could be called Just Cookin up some is Tony my fish i got tony because when my horseBart had to be put down I kept calling hubb horse Tony his name is Tiny and I just kept doing It so to stop doing that I bought the fish named him Tony and wa la problem solved everything should be so easy...Good Lord my logic is so over the top.........................

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