Friday, June 5, 2009

Yup he forgot but on the other hand.....

....I having been canning up a storm for any of you who don't know I love cooking and canning is my new thing to do ..I made a batch of red salsa a few months ago but was dismayed with it. But this batch I think is good. The history is we eat at a little Mexican restaurant down the street for years I tell ya. So every time I go in I ask for the recipe and each time she gives me just a bit of it not the whole thing....Finally on my B day she gave me what I think was the last of the recipe ...her last words were "miss yanie you no have des ting we have to grind da red peepers in" oh yes I do Missy I got it when I took the cooking class in New Mexico now I may have never used it but I have one god dam I go home and try it....well two days later seven trips to the Mexican market....endless dishes flying and being washed the motor to the food processor is smokin .... and try to go to the Mexican market speaking English not a good thing when I'm trying to get the produce boy to help me he is looking like a curious dog tipped head and the things he pointed to told me he did not know what I needed. So I ask the guys behind the meat counter that holds large pigs feet... goat intestine and other things that are delicious until ya know what they are ....ugggg ...but these guys start talking in Spanish and I know they are saying they would like to take me home undress me and take advantage of me and I'm just smiling while they off I go to the lady in front maybe just maybe she can help...I ask her some questions and she says you need to spend 5 dollars to use the debit card for god sake I did not even purchase anything yet....HELP I'm in Spanish hell and cant get out!!!!!!!!! So Grill peel cook add spices a bit of this then a little bit of I took the dried peppers and put them on the grill and POOF up they went like a dried out Christmas tree ....I was suppose to grind them in the what cha ma call it....So yup back to the Mexican store and ever time I went in back they all just stood shaking there head and I was just laughing as I'm at the point of canning and I had no idea that tomatoes had to be bathed for at least 40 minutes so the first batch has been given away to people we know will devour it right away....When I first made it it was so hot that it would have blown grown mans head off......Not funny so three pounds of tomatillos later and like I said two look here is the recipe and some pictures...I'm going to share my cookery with you guys now my measurement are how do we say to tasteish......

Salsa Verde al la Lani
Recipe kinda : To can 24 small jars or feed an army!
3 pounds pf tomatillos grilled
2 Jalapenos peppers grilled
2 Serrano peppers grilled
1/2 or a little more cup lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of ground turmeric
2 table spoons of oregano
1/4 cupish of sugar
2 onions chopped
1 bag dried peppers de los arbloses

Ok so grill all the stuff tomatillo, jalapenos and Serrano's.
take the stems off and food process not loose any juices just pour them in the pan.
Grind the Los Arboles chilies in the stone thing what the heck is it called
Chopped the onions
put everything in the large pot and cook all frincken day......
Cool in the refrig over night it tastes better the next day to try it....ya know this is ridiculous if you want It know how to do this I will email it to you.....I love you all come over for some chips and salsa and music I YIE YI YIEEEEEEE

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Kaye said...

too much work for me!!! go to the spanish lady and buy some from her. LOL did you see the t-shirt quilt I made for my Grandson?


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