Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When Am I going to learn ...and Tom is not a Gnome

I am 54 not 24 I know I know I look 24...hey speaking of looking your age on my birthday I asked one of the doctors how old do I look????? And I specifically said...Please lie Do you know he said 55 Good Lord I'm not even there yet...........So any who I need to talk up about two things one is my back...I threw it out while I was out last week and I did a super job.... I think it happened when Hank told me we could walk the two 12x10's (lumber) up the hill beyond the barn and he really made me do it I kept saying Hank this is really heavy OH come on mom don't be such a woose? Crap do you think he can feel my pain heck no ........I can barely walk except for the IB Profin 600 ml. OK I can walk but I moan .....and say okokokok alot .....The back thing is a pain because I cant hold my stomach in which makes me look fatter.....By the way one of the girls at work is really being to nice...Monday she said my glasses make me look 10 years younger ...RIGHT ...then today she goes ..Wow you look so skinny....Jesus H. Chrisy my back is out which makes my stomach bulge out like a pregnant lady...I just looked at her like what are you loonie???? then it dawned on me she is up to something.....Then one of the other girls says sweet...I use to call this worker Bambi because she is a cute little California blond with the quietest little voice like a talk whisper..Big blue eyes....So today when says Do you think that you and the doctors might do my 2 year review...Now mind you I do reviews every year but the last year went un noticed Bad me really ....but I think It might have been nicer to say Hey Lani can I have a raise? LOL....Jesss where was I going with all this?????? I honestly don't know.....Ok well one thing I am thinking of is I want to have Theme's for each day of the week so I get on and blog and it won't always be funny ...but it will always be grammar and spelling at it's worse..... SO here are some idea's.....Merry v.s Madness Monday .....Topic Tuesday....... Waving Wednesdays.....Thrilling it is Thursday....Finally Friday.......then our Weekends will be wacky weekends.....Well now I think that is a great Idea...Oh my gosh and I actually signed up for a quilt class this Sunday get out a here I did really.........
And before i forget Tom is really a person I noted that one of our followers we need not mention her name Kaye said "Hey girls we get to finally see Tom, I thought he was a figment in Lani's very active imagination" LOLhat there was a picture of him?????? Ladies he has a blog here is the link go look and see....tom is the highlight of my entries because he is the only male follower and fellow quilter plus a real wood carver........ go to his blog.....The man is Funny ladies really ......,,I still don't remember what I was talking about...oh well Love u and God Bless......


andsewon said...

Hope back is better soon!!
I understand the tummy thang....never had one tillnow! ARRFFGGHH!!!
I knew Tom was a 'real' bloggy person...;-)

I really need a whole day just to update my blog..links , etc...oh well is what it is!

Thrilled it is Thursday too...;-)

Tom H said...

Sometimes I kinda wish I were a Gnome. I'm too tall. But hey! they do live to be around 300 years old. Can you imagine what this ciuntry will be like in 230 years? Get feelin better Lani. You might want to put a couple of fat art erasers under your sewing machine to raise the side that's farthest from you when you sew. It's said that that makes it easier on your back when you sew.


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