Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Those Ear's are Just so Loud!

This is what put me into hysterical laughter the last Yaya session at Harperville. Ms.Independence who is not so independent any longer "Thank You Ms. Harper".

 The pictures are to show you the angles of those darn ears ! 

I had Harper down for her last nap and Mama came home. Delightful ! We are chatting and she decides to go up and check on the baby girl Merritt (their dog) gets up and shake's his head. The ears fly and make an noise like a helicopter taking off!

Heather whips around and says Shhhh then the comment "His ears are so loud!"  REALLY you know "that" kind of loud eared dog there all over the place.  God Damit Merritt! As Yaya laugh's.

I am well into my second week of my new job and I do say it is quite delightful. My little angel darling, beautiful, brilliant, soft, cuddly, sharty, burpy, talented, giggly, rolling granddaughter is holding up well with Yaya taking care of her. She seems to enjoy the time we have.

So far I have not locked my self out of the home. Yes that was one of my previous post's. I have a key I wear around my neck. I put that thing on the minute I wake up it takes priority over coffee and hygiene. And I check my neck all day even though I know the key is there.

This is funny you guy's she thinks I'm sleeping!
Now lets talk walks. We have a routine. When we get our first grump on we head out. We have a Hill let us just call it the Morning Hill up up up we go. We are mostly quiet in the AM the coffee has not quite hit me yet. Ok once we hit the top of the Clucking hill it is the driveway challenge time.

By this we mean we look up the other Clucking hill and say let us just go to the first driveway back down then ok next drive way and on. Now their are some morning I just say Cluck the driveway's and sing about what adventure we will come upon today. I am sure most of the on looker's that would be neighbor's  must say "Who is that lady ? " Strange but whatever!

Why can't I go?? Look my ears ..there gone!!

" Oh shit John here comes that lady with the horrible voice. But oh what a spirited old fart!!" Now the kids think I take such long great walks but to be honest half of it is just to catch my breath! And do not let me get started on the outfit which does not change much. Sweats and Old T-shirts once Harper is more aware she can buy Yaya new clothes. I look like a very poor old lady ! Yet I am fitting in to my Oaktown Tree Huggin' environment!

Well had to get this written today I am off to the airport to get back to work. The Adventure continues!

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