Thursday, September 15, 2016

Harper Training Day Two

Well day 2 here in Oaktown. We lived through day 1 and all is well. Mama had a big day at work But Yaya had a bigger day with Daddy and the Bean. After a heated and long conversation with Stella about how this whole house hold works we got started. I will give you a pictorial countdown make's it faster.

Let us get started because I did sleep like a baby myself last night

First thing we had to bid A Dew to Mama. I cried .... Harper had no clue that her Boobies would be gone for the day and she would have to latch onto the damn bottle.

I did feel a bit like a fricken pain in the ass but like we said yesterday it has been a while and we need to get it right. Good to know that Heather is a big singing rhymer so is Yaya. I do say I did come up with a great song in the bedroom to rhyme with The Cow Jumped over the Moon.  Now I am a schedule person but did not write down the naps, feeding etc yesterday because I did not want to miss even a minute.

Lesson one "Latching" I do so love to learn stuff and latching is one important subject. We learn how to lean and latch the chemical's boobie protein that are in Mama's boobies milk I watched that milk go down like it was the last bottle on earth.

 Latch .... Air ... Suck.... Burp ...Latch , air , suck ,burp

Then it as burb time her little face was so serious and I could just imagine in that little kepee "This is How you Do It" I kept hearing the old rock song. 

 BAHHH Just Kidding Yaya!

Lesson Two :  Exercise Time this is neck endurance and her little neck she holds it up so well. She use to be like a little bobble head. Harper loves looking out the window up stairs in her parents room. We spied on the worker yesterday while he was putting cement in a pole. 

After Yoga time and then daddy decided it was time to leave the 2 hooligans alone for a while and go take a swim. Off on his bicycle her went helmet and all!

                                                          Ok Yaya Now What?????

Well my little Harper Lilly how abut a nice walk?

Well this is where it got really fun.

We got all our stuff together

Phone  ......... check
Stroller ......... check
Blankie ........  check
Key's ............

Well I decided to leave the keys in the door until I had everything ready to go. Well the front door BUT there is a massive iron draw bridge of a screen door it slammed shut while we were preparing and yes you guessed it was locked.

SO first things first we just finished a bottle.  Yaya's cell phone is in her pocket and we have a stroller to walk.  No panic Daddy won't be gone that long so were golden. Wait a Minute let's call Daddy and let him know with no stress we are locked out but we are Ok. Hummm but I do not want to leave the front of the house with the key's dangling on the front door behind the Mega Screen Door! So message left and looks like we will be walking back and forth with in a 24 step area but Harper has no clue she jut wants to walk.

This home is a fortress if you lockout you are locked out until help comes!

So dad did make it home and he asked how everything went. I did look puzzled was he not upset ? Ahh he knows all is well with Yaya       NOT    Papa does not check his messages and had no clue we were even locked out... No Shit but really it was not a mega emergency and besides that he was on his bicycle so I do have to laugh imagining him riding in the fast lane on the freeway to get home to save us! I will be getting him a horn for his bike.

I had a fantastic day and have ot say I am so very grateful to have this little bean to watch and she is so blessed to have two of the greatest parents in the world.

Note to self Do not talk so much! xoxo

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