Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Harper Training

Today is a BIG day I start training to take care of our little bean Harper Lilly. I need to be trained it has been a little while since I have taken care of a little bean. Last night while snuggling in my bed in the Ga-Nanny quarters I could not remember what the hell I did when my kids were little? Shit they were little for a long time. I could go through pictures to jaunt my memory so all in all a training session is good.

This is my trainer Papa Christopher! Good Daddy but I will have to Pull that bean off him. He loves his little girl!

They Ok when I say they and I am up in Oaktown it means Heather and Christopher "The Parents"

So this little Bean is 3 months old today! Wow time flies when they live out of town.

Ma and Pa have made a decision to fly me up to Oaktown (Oakland) every week from Tuesday to Friday to Babysit. I am beyond thrilled to be able to spend this precious time with my little Bean is beyond great.

Let us review the reasons:

First year moments like

Talking to Yaya
Teeth for Yaya
Rolling over for Yaya
Clapping for Yaya
Peek a Boo for Yaya
Sing with Yaya
Walk with Yaya
Learning to talk like a truck driver like F@(@)## Yaya  no no no not really

The list is never ending like the Adventure will prove to be. Plus this will give me practice for the next Grand-baybay comes. Probably years from now but a girl can wish! Now keep in mind that this was not an easy test for me. I had to buckle up the trap (mouth) every time I came to visit. That is super hard for me as we all know I can make coffee nervous.  And I remember very well how I did not like my parents or any adult to tell me how to take care of  My Babies

Alright mama left for work and my job begins. I will follow Christopher round all day and be a BIG pain in the ass. Well my new job is three day's a week three weeks a month. Hey they are flying me up here another thing I need to adjust to. Gee who is the bigger baybay??? Harper or Ga-Nanny.

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Tangos Treasures said...

Congratulations on your new grandbaby!! She's a beauty!!


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