Monday, September 12, 2016

Painting away the Day

I do so love my Watercolor class but I also as usual have issues. It really comes down to a tit for tat. I love watercolor I go to class and the canvas takes me away. I had this life long desire to learn to watercolor so I grabbed my partner in crimes and joined.

 When in doubt I grab my friend Linda yes she is very willing to try everything at least once and we even did our homework together. Ah friendship .....

Linda our teacher demo'd all the stuff and I went in with a gusto. Not sure if this would be the right fit for me I did not give up. We always seem to get a good laugh and memories out of what ever we do.

Linda even went so far as to go to a drawing class also and she was good.

So off we go to the Simi Valley Senior Center yeah yeah. To start it was not easy there are some really talented people in our community. Look with a little guidance I can do most anything but alone with my own guidance well not so good! Two thing I did very well Drink and Talk!

Moving on and to get this post done with out keeping you here all day... I have been painting since 2011 and so enjoy where it takes me. My real point in this post is to get you to pick up a hobby if you already have not.

Oh shit right I did go to the Encore program at Pierce College and take some out of the box painting classes there were good but all I could look at in this class was the man with the raccoon on his head! 

Well this year I did enter my paintings at the Fair and did ok. They are now on display at the Senior Center.

So between the Canning, Quilting and the new Grand baybay Harper I should be able to stay busy. God Bless

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