Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday's Why !

Well today's Wednesday Why is Why is this little bean so fricken cute. I want to formally introduce you to Harper Lilly Albeck.  Proudly brought to you by Christopher and Heather Jassem-Albeck

NO Yaya I do not want to be on the blog!  Oui Vey!
Ahh but my little one you will thank Yaya when you get older and the only thing they can find on the internet about you is little cute embarrassing baby pictures and stories.

I will document all our fun times, story times and giggle attacks because my little one We Will Laugh.  I have so many things I want to do with you that you may have to spend all kinds of time with Yaya and your Granpa!

He will have you on a dirt bike and hunting before you know it. Shhhhhhh do not tell Mama or Daddy!

 Good to see you are sitting up and listening to your Yaya!

Let the Fun Begin! 

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