Sunday, October 16, 2016

Home and Harper

Harper sent me home ! What a delightful three day's. I followed daddy around like a little shadow. Ok honestly like a hyped up talking machine. But I was able to see what needed to be seen to help when I come up early Winter and become the Ga-nanny.

Oh yeah Baby I passed the Granma test and starting November 1st I have the honor of taking care of that little Bean every week till June. What a gift.

Now after a few weeks Mama and Daddy may have had enough of me but I have the plan all figured out. I will watch the little bean and then when they get home I will run down to my room and hide. Actually Uncle Henry Allan and Aunt Lulu took my sewing machine up there.

So for now I am home and have a lot to do. This weekend we have a Park Boutique to sell the jam'. Looking forward to spending the day with my Lyndsey. It is the first time I have taken myself out of
my comfort canning zone. I am excited !

With Halloween coming I get so excited I have my couch decorated it is the one thing that gets me going. I usually have a Halloween Party the weekend before just so neighbor's can gather and socialize. Hope I can swing it this year!

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