Friday, February 17, 2017

Yaya's Plane Ride's

Ok this is going to be an ongoing story. I now fly up to Oaktown to take care of my little Bean. That would be Harper Lily my first human grandbaybay.Yes, that is her in the photo bald and barely able to know what the hell I am doing! Her face says it all.

"Who the F>>>> are you?"

My Bean will be mentioned in many post's but I so need to to talk about flying in the airplane to get up North. I am not a willing passenger but for the Bean I will do "most" anything. So every other week I fly to Oakland to babysit this little Bean. I fly Southwest and they are probably the easiest and most convenient airlines and the prices can not be beat.

So this is the most of the window view you will EVER see when I fly. Once I see the tires move and the tar-mack down it goes. So this trip was super special. OK I get on the plane snag my seat the last seat back of the plane inside seat so I have control over the window shade!!

This is important as once I had no choice but to sit in the middle and the window seat would not close the window. Plus I got the bonus speech of how beautiful it all is when flying. I did almost barf on his lap but just kept that despicable smile going. Asshole !!

So I get all comfy. Seat belt Check - Earphones Check - Word Search Check - Idiotic Kings Game Check - Locate Barf Bag. Now it is time for everyone to pay attention they are going to tell ME how to survive the crash. I even sit up a little as to not miss any instructions and make sure I know how to blow up the vest !!!!!

Ok and we are off. About 15 minutes into the flight Window man is suspiciously quite then there it is. "The Smell" What the Baby Jesus is that smell ??? Ok it is just a little gas Lani just relax it will dissipate! Oh Hell NO it goes on the whole flight. What can I do I am trapped dare I get up to go to the bathroom and we get into a situation and I do not have my yellow vest in case of a water evacuation!!!   My coffee ... OK yes I drink coffee on the plane it calms me!!!! Don't Judge people this is my story!!!

Now we have landed and I smell like a land fill but that's ok he will go on his merry way. Oh no it gets better he is smiling at this woman and she does a little wink and nod. Well comes to find out they are married. No shit and she knew better then to sit by her stinky ass husband. You think she might have warned the fellow passengers! They looked so happy as I walked away wilted from the whole experience!

Even little Harper was home praying for Yaya!


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