Sunday, November 20, 2016

Shhhh and Shhhhhh

I am one that does not need much sleep to get my day started. As a matter of fact I do not take nap's ! This is not because I can't why I am the first to say to anyone  "Ahhh go take a little nappy". The reasons for me not taking one is too fold.

A. When waking from a nap I am a Raving Bitch my bitchyness takes over any amount of PMS or any other negative quality we as women have been labeled with. Wake me during a nap and do not stand back just run the hell out of town!

B. When I lay down my little precious head to take a nappy it happens. The brain starts to work I will start to think of all the things I could be doing. I write letters to people I have not been in contact with in years why they may even be dead. I re-write the scrip of any argument I got in and make sure I say all the right thing's. It is not pretty my brain in action.

Thus no nappy for little Lani! BUT let us talk bed time ...... no not mine....nope not Pa YUP

My grown children, Let us start with the Alssems' That would be Heather Ann and Christopher. Now granted prior to Princess Harper Lily being born to us they went to bed at no later than 8pm and yes I thought this strange of a young hip Oaktown couple but it was what it was. Oh, please do not get me wrong they can and do go out with the best of them and have a good time. Now lets us come to the present day with Baby Harper Bean.


The Bean has always been from what information I have been given a good night sleeper. The parents have a routine. I only know of some of the secret routine not all the details. Anywho they start the "routine" at 6:30 sharp not 6:20 not 6:35...... 6:30pm Sharp! All I see is the three of them disappear up the stairwell POOF all three are gone. I hear laughter, singing daddy and mommy chatter to the wee one then a bit of grumpy Baby Bean then Silence !!!! Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse!

I am left down stair's with my favorite Netflix show on what ever is streaming at the time. No light's, limited volume I have gotten really good at TV Lip Reading! Once I was on the phone and all I saw for about 20 seconds was Christopher's head and SHHHH Wait it gets even better I was in the bathroom and of course was going Pee Pee and I flushed I came out of the bathroom and on me like a fly to shit was Mommy with "No Flushing" now I get it but she scared the rest of the shit out of me ! Well I am tired just writing this these kid's keep Yaya very busy and I love it! Who knew a year ago I would be back at work in Oaktown no less.

Ahh the memories of Babyhood I just love it.

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