Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Diet's Really???

Diet that word should be categorized with all the cuss words. It is a joke word a word that gives you false hope. It is a word you start and inevitably fails. I talk for myself so don't get all uppity! I have been down the diet road in my life believe me. Now back in the day when I was young, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, saucy, funny, compassionate the list goes on and on.

That picture there to the left yes that is me on yet another diet that wanted me to take a picture. Shit first off my posture sucks. Next is that a sports bra or and old do it your elf sweat sash! And what am I looking at ???? And seriously the baseball cap backwards. Ok New Kid on the Block!!!  And last but not least who the Fock took my Ass!

And yes that is a phone jack for my "Land Line"

I will give you just a sample of the "diet's" I have attempted...

Low Fat
High Protein
Weight Watchers
Low Calorie
Cleanse 30-60 and 90 day
Juice Fasting
Go Green Diet
Low Carb Diet
The Morning Banana Diet (yes it exists)
The Bible Diet (Thank you Baby Jesus)
Gluten Free Diet

This list is endless you could actually search this blog for weight and so many post are about that shit!  I still have that same 13.5 15 20 pounds that I want so baldy to lose. Well to be honest when I first got married I got happy and made it up to 173 NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Let me find a picture somewhere possible..LOL

Now do not get me wrong when I focus on something it gets done! Eventually!

I am not going to bore you with the details of all the lost diet's of yester-year. Some won some lost but all in all the weight just kept comin' on back. I think the weigh felt the love. I am going to skip right into the present. Rather than keep saving all my size 5 7 ok ok 9 pants I might just embrace the Senior look of the elastic high waist-ed Mom Jeans. Or go to Lane Bryant and get some Elastic Capri's.

Gotta run and find a new diet to focus on!!!! Got Ya!!! 

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