Saturday, June 17, 2017

My 1st Air B n B

This story just keeps getting better and better. I decided to make it easier and because no one is wanted at the kids home. It is an equal rights issue!  I shall stay at a AirBNB. Upon arrival it was just purfect small, cozy and comfortable. Heather let me know NOT to go down the block and left because it is a bit seedy. Check Captain Jassem. So once settled I decided to take a quick little walk. The area that I am in I know well and love it.

It is Lake Merritt in Northern California. So once I got settled I decided to take a nice walk around the lake. Now I am familiar with the Lake so the walk would be a no brainier you would have thought.

But first a bit more on the accommodations.

So the little apartment is just enough for myself and the kids tomorrow coming to join me. Hank and Mrs. Hank. It has two cute little rooms. It is a old building and the integrity is fabulous. Something smells like skunk but that could be me!

One issue I have is there is no coffee pot who the hell has no coffee pot? And the other thing is the toilet paper is mounted close to the ceiling!

SO I put on my walking Jesus sandals and off I go on my adventure.I have walked the Lake before and the people watching is amazing. There is a bit of a wind but that will keep me cool. Got my Fitbit and a clear head ! Ahhh life is good.

Let us get started I will just do a bit of a mosey around the lake and feel the freedom and fresh air. I love Oaktown!

I do not think I could have picked a nicer day. Children screaming, beggar's beggin', geese a shittin'  and a vast array of suitcase musician's. 

Ah hello and hello and hello.Wait I have said Hello to 45 people they did not respond but why???? Duly Noted people are not as friendly as I thought. Could it be that funny skunk smell????

Ahhh never you mind it is a beautiful evening. So on I walk and walk and walk. A dollar here and there for the starving artist's.

Half way around I do stop at a bench to take in the whole moment! Oh look here comes a dogie with a Frisbee and what looks like a friendly owner. Why her hair matches her dog !

After less then 30 seconds of nice dog nice day she mumbles we gotta run don't wanna miss the game. The Game??? Did Football season start?

Ahh yes the Warrior's that explains how focused the walker etc are. Now I get it. (not) Now in my own defense if you do not already know me I am a very friendly person I love to talk and engage in conversation and it does not always have to be about me!

So off I go to continue this little walk. The Lake seemed so much bigger this time. Did it grow. The three miles around sure seemed like 5 about half way there.

As I approached a very quite, shady, windy and possible dangerous area I picked up the pace.  I heard the faint sound of birds and realized I had come to the bird sanctuary.

The trail started to get rather creepy and narrow. The lake seemed conveniently narrow and the little island just past my right shoulder seemed to have vultures on it. Shit RUN LANI RUN!

Don't look back !
At this point my walk became a walk run. By this time I had been out an hour and a half. My nose was cold, ear's ringing. And the faint sound of the Lock neck Monster walking behind me. Now at the time all this was going on I must have taken a wrong turn because I was not in an area I knew at all! On top of all that my cellular device was loosing battery life. Would I make it back to the room? I have my Id on me should my body be found tomorrow but then in the distance I saw a building with an American Flag!! Great I am still in the United States!

THANK GOD. WAIT A MINUTE! Where did the Lake go and why am I right next to a homeless camp by the river?????? The building what was the address ? Ok take a breath breathhhhh ----- breathhhhh . Did I make a left with out knowing it and end up on the seedy part of town. Where is my fu2@&&#*#(# Compass ???? Ok Stop Drop and Roll ! No that is for a fire! Ok there is the Lake follow the water .
Don't look at anyone just stay focused. Blue Building, blue building... OH MY GOD it that it??? Thank you Baby Jesus few more step's Lani and your in. The KEY where is the key?? Oh shit in my bra under the left boobie sack ! 
I'm in ! Now to relax and get good night's sleep!

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