Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fair Time 2016

Ventura County Fair what a great time of year. I have always enjoyed it with Family and Friends The ocean air the laughter of little children the smell of pigs, cows and other little rascals.

The best times I remember are with friends. Charlye and I use to go every year back in the day when I worked at KHAY we would grab a plate of curly chili fries and cop a squat and say not a word.

Not much has changed since then . I still go with a loved one and enjoy every minute.

 This is not your normal corn dog my friends this is a Italian eating an Italian Sausage Corn dog.

I think the most fun was throwing my Mama in her wheel chair and running her around the Fair.

Yes she was the next person to enjoy my Curly Fries but for Mama we put the chili on the side.

When it was time to get her a Deep Friend Twinkie she was a bit bewildered she knew not what this concoction would be. Well I asked for a bite and her response was.

Get your own!

Well Rides and Ribbons were a plenty.

I got a few.

And this year I took a chance and entered some of my watercolor painting.

 I love painting !

I even got a 1st Place Ribbon for some Butternut Squash my neighbor gave me to Pressure Can ...thanks Karen!

Not so bad Hubby and Bro said. 

This year is super special I am going with my Hubby go figure and Brother Pace will be joining us as a bonus.

Love this because men are so easy. Food and drinks are all they really need.

Don't miss Fair next year. See You There! xoxo

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