Friday, August 5, 2016

Got Hobby ?

Hobbies are a great thing. I know I probably have to many but I enjoy each one. Yes, I am a person who a long lost friend said "Oh Lani you make coffee nervous" Now this is and can be a good thing. I do admit it does have it's challenges but good all in all.


As a woman who has grown up, aged, developed, matured, put mileage on. Humm, nice way to put it. Now that I am a person who has more time to enjoy the things I so love to do I find that as long as no one else throws much more drama I can develop my hobbies.  I have many a neighbor who have hobbies and I so admire these woman. Jesus and some even work full time.

I have one woman Karen who lives down the street that has a full time job, 3 horses and 700 chickens. She is amazing she is even raising a child at the same time. Where I live there are so many woman (and their partners) who stay so busy even the more mature ones like myself are not just sitting around.

Ok Ok here are a few examples with pictures because I know you love the pictures.

First and foremost my canning. I do so love this. My granny did some mean ass canning. She was of the Mormon Faith and I do believe it is a part of their thing to keep a good stock of The World is Ending Supplies. Well with that I have been able to get super creative with my jam's. I have some super flavor's that people truly love and are surprised at the taste.

Two koo koo ones are Cranberry Banana and Strawberry Balsamic. Plus I make pickles , soups rubs, all kind of stuff. Good to get back to basics like Granma!

Next we have Quilting this is a on off hobby. I have had so many "issues" in the last few + years thatok off subject.

I have been quilting for about 11 years. I have made several quilts. I love the quilt cronies I get to gather with. I started quilting because one of the girls I use to work with wanted to take a class and I once again said  "Oh I will go with you" . She stopped I kept going back. I do so love it.

That is my baby under her quilt ! Since this is an old picture that baby had a baby !

Different Post !

Next we have Watercolor something I longed to so my whole life and now at the ripe ole' age of wisedom I went for it. I started this adventure in 2011 just because. The Senior Center here has classes and we have a some nice Senior Center. It is beyond me why more of us do not participate at the facility. "Oh I just not there yet" As they walk away with their walker and oxygen!

I love that I can sit and go into another world. Plus there are a lot of nice people. This is my teacher Linda I Wuv her!

Gardening a given for anyone with dirt and hands.I have 1 acre and it would take to long to show you all the stuff I have done. From the good to the just and darn stupid. Oh and the What the Hell happened to that?????

Here is a link for My Dirty Lil' Blog all about my Garden Adventures !

Thank you for stopping by I will do my best to get this Blog back into action.

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