Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 What a Great Year

2015 When we look at it ZOOOMMMM it is gone. I do not believe in the old saying "Seems the older you get the faster the years go by" Bullshit  Malarky to that. I know for a fact that the older I get the more I forget what the hell happened thus the year seemed at the time to fly by.

So with that let me look at my year I do not need FB to give me a look at my year I think I am better to do that.

 Well the year did start with a big loss my sister Judy passed and went to hang with Mama and Casey
 I did continue with my weekly Sushi dates with Linda
but with her being a very busy Grandma it did take a toll !

OK OK And I did have busy weeks too!

My granddaughter Olive did try to get a grip on her drinking but we my have to put her into Kitty re-hab! Such a dear

My best friend in the whole wide universe lost her fight with Cancer and passed in May. A huge loss for many.

She was so dear to me I still hurt but she walks with me daily! We laughed hard and played harder shared secrets.She just got me!

                                            Even our cars were best buddies 

I continue to take the trips to Oaklandish to visit those darn kids and grand-kids.

  Stella is still improving her reading skills. And our Boy Merritt is such a outdoors-man we are so proud!

Oh those silly kids! 

I continue to keep up with my hobbies. The quilting is slow but still alive. Yes I am working on the same Quilt as two years ago. SHUT UP

I continue to go to Water Color Class.

Ahh yes and believe it or not I turned 60 Yup and those silly kids threw me a Surprise 60th Birthday Lu-OUHH. What you were not invited. Humm if you want to be in my inner circle just fill out the application at the end of this post! Good Luck

The next day these two hooligans took me on the train to LA for a surprise !

We had a Bluegrass Concert in the Back Yard So much fun again "Inner Circle" LOL

Then BOOM it is Halloween and I had to dress up of course. What am I ?????

GIVE UP ...... Wait for it


That included another party at the house ......

My Girl Johannaiey took me to see Zac Brown (yummy)
 Talk about People Watching!

 The next thing I remember is we are deep frying a turkey and the word got out and BOOM the yard is full again with Family and Friends. We are blessed !

I love this life !

 Ok next I had a Holiday Boutique were I gathered Local Artisan's to sell their goods. It turned out a great success. And I started a new Fund Raiser here in Simi called "Simi Valley Tools for Teachers" but hat is another post!

Then comes the news of the year


I would like to thank the academy, my friends and my dear daughter Heather Anne and Christopher Robin whom I love berry much!  

And yet another Party I do say This neighborhoodee does love it's parties!

And none of it would have made any sense with out this man.  He is my gift and he is the one who truly makes me whole.

 Thank you Baybay Jesus!


Pace Clayton said...

Your the best and always will be.

Tangos Treasures said...

Looks like you had a great year!! Sorry for your loss's
Congratulation on being a Grandma!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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