Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Poker Ride 2015

 Well the Weather was great and the attitudes even better. Many a neighbor saddled up to join in on the annual Poker Ride.

Penny, Sue and Lisa all took part in the fun.

Poker Ride You Ask?

Each year Bridle Path Event Committee put's on a Poker Ride.
You can saddle up your horse , walk the trial or hike with your dog. If you have two legs and a desire to be a part of your community then this is for you.

Oh and if you like winning $$$ even better!

As the rider's began to arrive I could see there was going to be some card riding shark's going out on the trail. BUT DON"T OPEN THE ENVELOPE!

Yes, that is right your card's stay sealed till you com back and get them tallied. 

Sign in oh and do not forget to let them know if your are going to eat when you return. Yup Food and Drink's. Yes even beer and wine. YEEEHAAAAA 

They just kept comin' in from all ends of the trail's. 

And more yes that is Polly and her Gigantic Horse! 

This horse wanted two hand's!

Oh and an Extra Card! 

Sue an Sherri just made the cut! 

 Look at the Happy Rider smiles!

Plus the weather was purrfect a little hazy but a tickle of sunshine!

 DO NOT LET Those ladies fool you I had to keep an eye on them and the cash! Look at Lisa all Happy like it is pay day!

Ok with the rider's coming back in it is time to tally the card's. 

Did I win Ma Did I win ?????? 

Hummm What is a Flush? 

Hey there Happy Rider! 

Seriously Polly just relax on that BIG Horse! 

Hey we Want some Pizza and Beer! 

Ok Lulu having to much Soda she is 86'd! 

Hey who's paint horse is missing? 

WHAT ?????

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