Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bridle Path Art- Craft and Tack Festival

Bridle Path my community here in Simi Valley. We do have many Activities and the one I got caught up in this year is our 1st Art, Craft and Tack Festival. Jill was the Chairperson and she gathered up some great vendors for our 1st event.

This is a crack of dawn picture of Jill as she started our set up. Jill is a Master Potter in our neighbor hoodie. Her work is really very unique and professional.

Well this post is just to introduce you to some of the unique crafter's in our neighborhood.

The Crafty Cowgirls came in a group.
Some Bridle path ladies that use their extra time to make great stuff!

Bubbie's Baby stuff had a cute selection of things also.

And our own Debbie helped and showed off all her 4-H kids.

They had chicken's, goats . We also had roping lessons for the children. That was fun.

Good Food was baked by our local 4-H also. Did you say Sugar ? Indeedy,  kept me going all day!

Boots and ropes. This cowboys had so many interesting things for indoor or outdoor decorating of the ranch! Oh Norm

Halla for the Canarella Local Jam's. Yummy

Our local Barn Girl. This woman provides information for barn's in our community. Also a rep for The American Paint Horse.

And then these young good lookin' boy. Well who cares they were so cute.

Local dog's came by to say Hi like Murph and Scout! And neighbor's rode their horses down as to not miss out on anything that day.

It was a great success and a fun day for the Bridle path community . Hope we wee you next year and we can enjoy this beautiful neighborhood we live in.

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