Sunday, September 6, 2015

Coffee Caution - Moody Handle

 Ok so yesterday my doorbell rings and my first thought is "God Damit the BBQ is not till 6:30 Why there is even a nice note on the F#%@%&#*# door. Ok answer it Lani !

Open and What the Heck there is Jayne Stepp with a new Coffee maker. Long story short. I had an older version 28 years older with a glued handle and a note saying when in use to " Play nice Moody Handle" Well last week at the Bluegrass someone was having so much fun (Hick up) even the gorilla glue did not help. So yes I was a bit upset ...... ended up laughing with Jayne and Doyle that it even lasted so long 28 years shit even it was like loosing a child!

Thank you Doyle and Jayne even though I know it was all Jayne. That is Jayne so do you not wish you had a Jayne! Na na na xoxo

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