Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So then there was 2015

Yet another year when we ask God what do you have in store for me this year. Yes I know it's March and April is right around the corner. Time to hide egg's and get the Seder plate ready.

Looks like MS. Independence got a shit load of carrot's mine look like stubby thumbs. I watch this little woman grow every year into this person I am so very proud of. Her style and attitude is something to admire and follow.

I have gotten into a few things this year I am still painting and the class is a hoot. I do not know what I like better the people or the craft! Here are a few and I noticed I sure like the color blue

So my Shelly her cancer is not getting any better but after a 5r day stint in the hospital she is home. I truly hope her heart is in the right place. I know it must be so hard to deal with all this. After being with my Mama and Casey and there cancer road I know tough trip!

It is all in God's Hands !

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