Friday, February 20, 2015

One Chruch-Two Church-Black Church- New Church

Well as most of my friends know Shelly and I have taken on quite a project with this Church Hoppin' Task. I have to say I have never been closer to my Higher Power than now! But I do have to say there is such a familiarity yet BIG difference in the church's we have been visiting. Let me give you some details. This is only one more of the many we have been to.

Disclaimer: This is one woman opinion and she checked with God prior to writing he said "Go for it my little Angel"

I seriously do not know where to start. Let me start across Simi at the Calvary Baptist Church. When I drove up the first thing was I had a flash back. Why this building it use to be the Jewish Day Care and my baby Heather use top attend. EEE how did that happen. It is an abandoned school that has been re-purposed by the Good Lord.

Well when we arrived there they are. You know them the women and men you will see in front of your local Payless store skirt on suit pressed and those small children you all ways wonder why are they not in school ? oh and pamplet's in hand. Yup !

 But no I am not going to judge this situation we are here to sing praise! AH but we are not allowed in the chapel until the service begins because Sunday School is in session. Ok but seriously there are 20 other building? WAIT we are not wearing our sister wives skirt Holy Shit .

I took my Welcome Pack and my Bible and sat myself down.

 There was only one problem I could not stop looking at the little nest in the child's hair in front of me! 

 The pastor was adorable and very welcoming he even said our names ! This of course put Shelly into tear's.

Well that really let everyone know we are not wearing our skirt's. They turned to look and welcome us and all eyes were on our pant's.
I think I heard a oh my from the crowd! And a small girl uttered But Mama!

But Praise be to the Lord that at least they are in church getting a bit of the Good Lord in there systems. I do have to say that no matter what church we have gone to they all make us feel welcome and a part of.

The one thing I noticed at this one is that Little Father Adorable was the only one to greet us!

God Bless You!

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