Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter 2015

Does it seem like Easter is a little early this year? Must be me but then Pa had a puzzled look on his face when I told him the Easter Bunny will be here next Sunday!

 Yup that would be Judy the "Easter Girl" She loved Easter and all thing's Bunny. The excitement took her over. Seriously I am surprised she did not buy a big Easter Bunny Costume for Mark.

Look at that cake LUCKY F***** Bunny! It was not his birthday for gosh sakes. Well Judy has since passed and with that I am making Easter National Judy Day. So there ya go don't say I never did anything nice! 

And once she was done with us as you can see everyone was exhausted and slept all the way home!  I am telling you more action and food than Thanksgiving.

So with that this week looks like a good week to get the last of my Garden starter's in. My friend Jules got me 2 beautiful tomato plants from Tomatomania. That is a yearly tomato fest and it is every where so look in your area for Tomatomania.

This Saturday I am off to spend my Passover/Easter with Ms. Independence.
Once I saw those carrot's she grew I was very proud but quite jealous. Mine look like lil fat crooked thumbs. But I know we will have a great time. Sunday will spend the day at Alameda Swap Meet. Heaven on cement. Hopefully Nicole will be with us. 

Oh and when I broke the news to Pa that I was going to be in
Oakland for Easter was he sad. NO he asked what time he would be dropping me at the airport. Seriously!

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