Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Come on down 2015

Well today I sit quite sick yes I am ending this great year with a fa-shit head cold. But in thinking about the year to come I am really excited. 2015 will be a year of growth for all. It will bring us a new year to become better people. We all make the "Resolutions" I stopped that a few year's ago.

So sad 2009
Why you ask! Well let us run it down. We all say I am going to get healthier and loose weight. Yeah that worked for the first few weeks then around March we can not figure out how the hell we gained back the weight and What the heck 5 more pounds. Got Damit! So do as I have embrace that body. If you have had the same body and desire to loose the weight for at least two or more years and nothing well Give It Up be satisfied with who you are and move on.

This is a Leash

 Speaking of move on I will get in better shape Ahh here we go again. Join the Gym really! First the cost of the gym that you will go to for a while would be better invested in a jump rope and a leash for your dog.

Look how happy we are to walk

 Anything you can do at a gym you can do at home. And unless you have a friend that knows the definition of commitment just do it yourself the buddy system Sucks!

Stop drinking, cussing, smoking, eating, texting, driving to fast the list is Endless. Just do this

Be Kind
Be Loyal
Be Healthy
Be Helpful and When you Pay it Forward do it because you want to not for any praise. When you do something nice do NOT tell anyone just do it for the sake of being a better person. 

Happy Got Damn New Year and no I will still be cussing like a truck driver I have accepted that I have a foul mouth. There ya go!


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