Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Well this year is coming to and end and it was a grand year. I have a lot to do still we do have a half a month left. Family is great Hubby is still a gift from God!

As usual. I stayed busy with a new hobby Watercolor and took a drawing class.

My instructor Linda is fun and I have met new Friday friends.  Then after school still doing the Friday Girls Film Group have seen some great movies.

We had a delightful Halloween with the neighbor Trick or Treating and these girls came with a Goat! Love my neighborhoodie!

We had our Annual Halloweenie in the Hoodie Party. The Good Ole' Neighbors were here and we added some new one's.

We are truly blessed to have such a close knit neighborhoodie!

The kid's are doing Terrific. Went to Oakland for my get away not as often as usual but just love Oakland why you ask well the

Food, the People and the dog's.

 Everyone one has a dog and the dog;s own the city. They are everywhere in and out of stores restaurants.

The Dog Park is 2 miles of grass , water and bay jumper's.

What dog would not want to live in this Heaven 

Well with that oh yes

I have been spending a lot of time with my BFF Shelly. Shopping, Meetings and Pal stuff!

We are Happy Little Reindeer. Oh and we have been Church hopping ! Quite interesting if I do say.

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